Unidentified leftover objects

I pulled a couple of bags out of the freezer today and until they defrosted, I had no idea what I was having for dinner tonight. Dearly Beloved had left over chili and rice and I had left over stew and dumplings. I’ve taken out some left over veg and faggots to have at work for lunch tomorrow!

I have no end of left overs in my freezer. I have a bag of ‘ends of loaves’ and I add to it, when ever I finish a loaf. I then use the bread for bread crumbs, treacle tart, steamed fruit pudding or croutons. I freeze left over cooked veg to add to left over chicken that I pull off the bone and make soup or a pie. I have small margarine pots with cheese sauce in, I make a bit more and freeze it to have later.

I can’t get over the fact that so much food is thrown away, when it just does not need to be. On Friday, I peeled too many potatoes for the pasties and I put them into water with a squeeze of lemon to stop them discolouring and we didn’t use them until Sunday and they were fine. I often have yogurt that is weeks past its ‘best by’ – I open it and if it is ‘off’ then I eat it! I ignore dates on packs altogether because I am not a blithering idiot and I can tell if something is off or not. No mould, no discolouration, no smell, no funny taste? Then eat it.
People are also rightly cautious about reheating meat. If you’re prepared to risk it, and I am! Then go ahead. We had stew that lasted all week as kids! It just got thicker as the days went by and if it got too ‘gloopy‘ mum would add a tin of bean…..or peas…….or anything she had! It’s amazing that we survived!
I know I’m preaching to the converted and that people reading this are unlikely to throw food away but it still amazes me that anyone does!

11 thoughts on “Unidentified leftover objects

  1. Yes – I am “the converted” but I need to re-read this – thanks πŸ™‚
    Post stroke – it's as if I need to re-learn this – it's like I have lost my confidence. I ate a yoghurt two days past best by, used some noodles 2 months past best by today and felt utterly liberated – lol – I know I am mad!!!!!!!! You have a great blog.


  2. Food waste is awful here in the u.s. 27% of food is thrown away that translates into 380 million barrels of oil a year Very sad but I think it will take a catastrophe to change our ways.


  3. I forget (can't be bothered) to label stuff for the freezer and must admit it is a failure – I am about to organise our freezer and will do the customery audit of everything that is in it & do a menu plan! Yeas all for it!


  4. My husband and I are very similar in this area. We freeze a lot of things, others would toss.Mom does that to this day. I guess when you have been without, it makes you appreciate any type of food more. Out of date or otherwise. Mom and I do have a habit of not labeling, and that, as you mention, could be bad at times, but we manage to make some type of edible meal of it, no matter what we thaw out.I do worry that being frugal can go a bit far at times, in my household.But we've never gotten sick over eating anything from our freezer yet.When something from the freezer no longer looks appealing, then the chickens have a feast.


  5. A lot of our treats come courtesy of this business with dates on food. Things that we would not normally buy but consider a treat are bought from the reduced section of the supermarket.


  6. Yes I agree with Jo – I often look at the redused shelf for treats and also stuff I've never tried before.
    Quite often it's still not reduced enough though so it will inspire me to have a go at making it from scratch on the cheap πŸ™‚


  7. I have three simple rules.
    Best Before = Ignore
    Use by = Approach with caution
    Dairy = Don't mess.

    The dates are there as a legality, the yoghurts don't sit in the fridge sycronizing watches going 'It's nearly the fifth, get ready to spoil', but I do take them as advisory. Best before? I've had stuff months past this, in fact there is a sherbert dib dab about a year out I will get round to eating at some point. The custard powder was bb march this year, still works just fine.

    A yoghurt? If the lid hasn't blown out and no gas escapes when you open it then it is most likely fine but I do take a bit more care. Milk, the minute it seems dubious is out.

    I've had food poisoning once, and although the source was something completely fine and in date, I am still reticent to take too many chances.

    But we do waste far to much food so I refuse to bin anything that doesn't need it. Even fruit and veg that is going soft or bad, cut out the naff bits and they are generally fine. If it is showing any signs of mould though.. bad juju.


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