Luxury handmade cocoa butter soap for 96p each.

Yesterday, it was St. Matthew’s Fair in Liskeard. There was a European market with stallholders from France, Belgium, Spain and Germany. There were also stalls raising money for charity and plenty of independent traders selling an array of goods. There were town criers, the Sealed Knot society, the local youth group marched their samba band through the town and the whole event reminded me how lucky I am to live in a traditional little community. There were craft stalls too, some were selling natural toiletries with soap, moisturisers and a selection of shower gels and body butters. The soap that I saw for sale were all Ā£3.50 each, I bought one, have used it and think my own soap compares favourably. They were fantastic and I really enjoyed talking to one stall holder as I now consider myself to be a soap maker! I came away with some good ideas for fragrances and additives and packaging. All I can say is, watch this space.

I made cocoa butter soap yesterday morning. Well, I actually made white chocolate orange soap.

I didn’t use any liquid oils but used coconut oil 3:5 and cocoa butter 2:5 and then followed the rest of the cold process instructions. I added 20ml of orange essential oil.

The solid oils melted very quickly and when I added the lye mixture, it reached trace really quickly too. I have made a very dense soap and it’s supposed to produce a creamy lather with moisturising properties and of course the delicious smell of white chocolate orange from the combination of cocoa butter and orange oil. I have made these for my Christmas hampers.

I’m now on the hunt for wicker baskets big enough to take all of the goodies that I will be giving to people this year. I know homemade gifts are a lot of effort but they are certainly cheaper. I saw soap yesterday for prices similar to the prices you will see in ‘Lush’
My 125g bars cost 98p each and will be lovely additions to my homemade Christmas hampers.


6 thoughts on “Luxury handmade cocoa butter soap for 96p each.

  1. Fantastic, you shoudl definatley thing of making some batches and sellign at at local xmas fair , nicely packaged, you are sure to make a nice little profit, coudl be a nice pass time, and occasional way to make cash


  2. Hi Sharon – you have to jump through lots of legal loops to sell soap, it has to be checked and passed along with your premises. However, you can make it and give away and John . There's a how to blog on my list under soap making. Next week I'll make Shea butter soap and will do a tutorial – love froogs


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