Hey big spender!!!!

Teachers have an autumn ritual; they buy new work clothes. Everyone at work has new clothes and the morning briefing looks like an advert for ‘Next’. Everyone is suited and booted and I was feeling a bit shabby. I left my Tesco shop until this evening as number one son and girl friend were out, without a key and we needed to wait in for them.

Eventually, we got to Tesco. Dearly Beloved pointed out that all clothes had a 20% discount. I knew exactly what I wanted. I headed for the smart clothes section. I found a fantastic suit that will be great for work. I even found a pair of size 16 LONG trousers!!! In fact, anywhere you care to look for a pair of trousers in that size, usually has run out. The suit was £32 – 20% so only £25.60 for a brand new, never worn by anyone else, lovely smart suit.

They also had toiletries on offer! I bought a vitamin E scrub for 60p and the same branded cleanser for 72p. I know how to live!

I love mooching around charity shops and I’m wearing a whole outfit and I don’t think any of it has ever been worn. Nonetheless, I still love something new once in a while and I am going to feel so smart in work on Monday.


7 thoughts on “Hey big spender!!!!

  1. How things have changed. There was never a new clothes culture when I was teaching. Good for you refusing to work on the Saturday for free by the way. They already have their pound of flesh with all the work you no doubt do at home anyway.


  2. Hi Sawn61. the 'training day' isn't just yet. I haven't refused to work the training day, I've just refused to go into work without being paid. I've taken it to the national executive on the NUT, there are legalalities that the school has broken as it's against the law to have people work and not pay them.


  3. Good on you girl for sticking to your principles! – i used to give in alot to emotional blackmail at work, but not anymore….your a woman after my own heart!!! Love your daily blog, I'm an avid fan and I'm learning so much from you. Keep up the excellent work your an inspiration!!


  4. oooh thats fab, i just bought some brand new clothes from tesco too, it felt so good, especially as my wardrobe has not had anythgin brand new for a good 3 years, even my maternity clothes were all given to me.


  5. I went to Tesco yesterday got £6.00 of a £40.00 plus shop. I saw that suit and considered buying it but I bought some new suits just recently and didnt need another. I buy when I need new rather than in Autumn anyway – not that I am teacher.

    Going back to my Tesco shop I got £20.00 off what with deals and that fact my frizzy hair stuff was 2 for £7.00 and I bought 8 it will last me months and only they sell it these days. That saved me £10.80. I am also doing a 4 week meal plan to see if I can keep spending on groceries to a minimum this month. I have also added a £30.00 per month bulk buy into my budget which I figure must save me lots in the long-term – sorry about the long comment – your blog inspires me x


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