It’s tough, but you know you have to!!!

Budgetting is so tough. We’ve had a tough month because we haven’t been as disciplined as we must be. A few quid here, too much diesel there, toothache……dentist bill, follow up treatment, dog and cat insecticide. Budgetting is about putting money aside for what you have to pay for, what you will pay for in a few day and what you might pay for. It’s also about leaving some spare in case you find something you want to pay for.
Budgetting really can get us down and it did today. We are not geographically close to DB’s family and we have to put money aside to go to see them. We’ve already assigned the lodger’s money for that. I need a new waterproof coat and some shoes and I’m on a mission to make the money for that. I will start Ebaying at the weekend.
It is totally vital that people budget, that you pay everything on pay day, that you buy the big month shop, that you buy all of the toiletries and pet food in one go. In fact bulk buy anything durable to last the month. Now we know of everything we have to pay and what we have left. We also have to make sure we don’t spend any of the ‘what we have left’ until the week before pay day, in case anything pops up, such as a tooth ache that needs treatment.
My advice to everyone for a budgetting ‘must’ this month, is cold and flu remedies. There are some snotty and claggy old germs stamping around and they are bound to get you. A bottle of Beechams cold and flu remedy can cost £5, so stock up. Buy some long lasting lemon juice and a squeezy bottle of honey. Get some Benylin and paracetamol. If your first aid kit is low, fill that up on pay day too. All of the little extras can throw your budget out of balance so prepare for it.
Our budget is below. We get paid individually, we pay bills from individual accounts so that’s how I itemise our budget. We sit down together and thrash this out. It’s tough but we know we have to do this and we’ve had words with ourselves and have been very stern with each other and told each other not to spend anything without consultation. I’m sure that we’ve missed important items and I’m sure the 30th of October will come round with us having nothing but pennies to our names. We remain positive in so much that our debts are steadily decreasing and we are getting better and better at doing more with less.
Anyone on this journey with me will know that feeling when you just have no spontaneity and a coat and a pair of shoes must be earned as an extra. I remind myself that this is only temporary and I am 21 months from being debt free, selling the big house, downsizing and saving money for dinner date and a hair do! Until then we fight the good fight with frugal good humour.
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9 thoughts on “It’s tough, but you know you have to!!!

  1. Over-the-counter meds are not worth the money.
    2 asprin or paracetamol and a hot cup of tea or lemon is much cheaper and just as effective.
    I think your budget is great but try to manage without mobile phones. You will be amazed at how well you do.
    I have given up deodorant and hair color this year, dont miss either. Try to make your outerwear last one more year unless it is in total rags ditto shoes. I am driving an 18 year old car. I do have six monthly cleanings at the dentist I wont cut those out, I think its preventive.
    I dont have any patent meds in the house. I think that Boots is a black hole for cash. I question everything I want to buy with do I really really need it.


  2. Thanks for the advice Liz. I work with children and last year got swine flu and the the all in one flu remedy: cleared my sinuses, helped get the phlegm off my chest and of course the benylin helped when I got a chest infection – the result was I didn't miss more than two days off, even though I got flu. (Swine flu in the holiday, I didn't spread that around) I haven't bought any new clothes in over a year anyway. The phones are on contract and those contracts are due to expire soon and then we will just top up for calls. As for deodorant…..I spend 1.99 a month and hair dye is 4.99 a month; my appearance and stunning sexy well being is always worth that. Thanks for the advice.


  3. Thanks for your advice. We have just completed our first month's budgeting. Still very much a learning curve but not too bad. I am going to post an update, so any advise you have would be very welcome.
    Thanks for your help this month, you have really made it possible for me to do this and next month will be better


  4. I have just read all the comments and I am so humbled by these people who are doing such a good job, your blog must be such a help to others in the same position, I do know what it's like I had 7 years when I had to buget like you and the slightest rise in anything sent me into as panic but it was so worthwhile. You will get there.
    Love Jillx


  5. i budget like crazy~always making sure the bills are paid and we have our 'food' money to last the month. sometimes i check the bank balance several times a week so i account for every penny. i always try to make sure i have some spare for emergencies but it noesnt always work quite that well!
    and its always nice to have a treat~mine last week was a book!


  6. When I read “hair colour” I thought great – do you know that is the one thing I will never ever ever give up! I can be down to my last penny but when I look in the mirror and see not a single grey then I am the richest woman in the world – lol – how vain am I!!!
    Thanks for sharing your budget – I would be so ashamed to show you mine – not for the debt but for my perception of needs versus wants – love your blog 🙂


  7. In the States they are introducing self-check out lines in the supermarket and I force myself to use them. Supermarkets make so many mistakes(always in favor of them not us) so I can take my time and check each item for the correct price.
    I read somewhere that a saline spray (you can make your own or mix a little salt and water and sniff it ) night and morning really helps to keep away colds etc.
    Worth a try.
    I stopped coloring my hair as I was recently at a knitting convention and noticed how many women my age were going “natural” and how nice it looked.
    Still keep a decent cut though.
    If I were younger I would definitely use a diva cup -the reviews are very positive and the savings are totally worth it (about $1000 over ten years)
    A bit of a intimate subject but I think it will be the next big thing in that sphere.
    Must go, just going to cancel my movie channels-would like to cancel basic cable but hubby is nt ready.
    Baked beans on toast and an orange for dinner.
    Love love love your blog !!!


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