Toffee Apple crumble

Yesterday, I tried to make fudge. I got it to the ‘ball’ stage when dropped into ice cold water and then kept stirring it for another ten minutes, then another and then another. It just didn’t ‘turn. I poured it into the mould but it stayed soft. It was not to be wasted so I made Toffee Apple crumble.

I made crumble as usual, by rubbing half the weight of fat to flour, I then added half a cup of sugar.

I peeled, cored and diced the apple, placed that in a small dish with chunks of the fudge. I sprinkled the crumble on top and cooked it in the mini oven for 40 minutes.

I thought the custard mix had been discontinued but there it was when we went at the weekend. 6p and it makes four servings. You just add boiling water. We think it’s lovely.

I made two crumbles from the windfall apples, the it all went wrong fudge. We had half of one tonight, we’ll have the other half in Tupperware for our lunch with the rest of the custard and one will go in the freezer.
The end result was soft apples in a toffee fudge sauce, with buttery crumble and custard. Nothing gets wasted here, even if it goes wrong.


13 thoughts on “Toffee Apple crumble

  1. That pudding sounds absolutely delicious and I wished I lived next door to you so I could have popped in accidentally like Margo to Tom and Barbara's, so that I could have had a sneaky bowlful! XXX


  2. OOOOhhhh !!! my mouth is actually watering, I am still on a diet (20 weeks now) and I could eat a big block of fudge even if it was soft. The apple crumble idea was inspired.
    My version of apple crumble uses stale bread cut into small cubes then tossed in melted butter and brown sugar. Bake as you would a crumble.


  3. That's the way I was raised! Waste not,want not.When I was young, we were fairly poor. Mom would let us cook up anything we could find in the house for sweets, but the rule was. It must be eaten.No matter what.If it didn't turn out just right, we would have to use it up, in some other form, but we were not allowed to waste it.That is how I learned to love experimenting with various recipes.


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