Homemade stuffing from saved breadcrumbs

We save all of the ends of the loaves and stick them in bags in the freezer, we then wizz them through the food processor to make breadcrumbs. I use these to coat meat or fish, to make stuffing or to make faggots. I have onions from the garden, which are stored by hanging them in the shed and I still have sage growing in the garden. To make sage and onion stuffing, I took a handful of sage leaves, one onion and a small bag of bread crumbs. I finely diced the sage and onion, mixed that with the breadcrumbs, seasoned with salt and pepper and mixed it together with two eggs and some water.

You can shape this into balls and roast on an oiled tray but I stuffed it into the cavity of the chicken. Behind the dish is a pot of yesterday’s mincemeat and some of the chillies that I picked today.

I make the most of the heat and expense of the oven by cooking the vegetables in with the chicken. I peeled and sliced, carrots, two leeks, an onion and some parsnips.

I placed the stuffed and seasoned chicken on top.

Here is the end result, served with shredded steamed cabbage and some of my damson jelly. the whole point of having stuffing is that it not only moistens the bird but make the meal go further, we also don’t have potatoes when we have stuffing…………it’s enough without it!

We both work late on Mondays, so I plated two more meals in readiness for tomorrow. All we will have to do is microwave them. I also made flapjacks and an apple crumble whilst the oven was on and I shall make chicken and vegetable pie with the leftovers from today. Nothing’s wasted and we also don’t waste time or the electricity bill either.


6 thoughts on “Homemade stuffing from saved breadcrumbs

  1. Same here, the oven is on now with prok cooking, and i have a choc sponge cooking and flap jaks later too, so i dont waste the energy or money.

    Havign shredded steamed cabbage too not had it for a while and am so looking forward to it, the rest will be blanched and frozen.

    I also save sundays dinner for monday night, usually we have chicken and it lasts a good 3 days. But havign pork today instead but wil still plate up meals for tomorrow. I dont kow abotu you, but i always enjoys my left over dinner on a Monday, some how it always tastes better, may be that I am hungry after a long day at work x


  2. My dad always used to make the christmas stuffing for all my family, my married brothers and sisters would all bring their stale bread and a dish and my dad would stand for ages rubbing the bread between his palms to make breadcrumbs and then there would be dishes and dishes of sage and onion stuffing, Lovely!
    Love Jillx


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