OOOOOOOOO! I love it!!!!

My second batch of soap has turned out better than the first, so I’m looking forward to being progressively better at soap making. I have masses of my old soap left. I have grated it and blitzed it and added washing soda and I use that to wash the dishes and the clothes. I use it simply grated and without washing soda to wash the windows, the floor and door frames. I have even used the remnants of the ‘washing bucket’ to clean out the toilets and it cleans that too.

I have a bar of it by each sink, I use it in the shower and I love the fact that I’ve made it! It looks a bit angular but that soon soften up once it’s been rubbed over wet skin or a flannel. I’ve made bigger bars this time as it shrinks as it hardens and it gets better the harder it gets (absolutely NO ‘Carry on’ jokes permitted in the comments as I know how silly we can get with a bit of double entendre!!!)

I used to love to wander through Dingles, sniff the Chanel and marvel at the Clinique and buy the odd treat of toiletries but my new found love of the soapy smell of homemade soap around me, the laundry and the house is something I have just fallen in love with. It’s just the soapiest mildest most natural soap I have ever used and as I’ve just got out of the shower, should you sniff me…… discover that the lavender whiff it leaves behind is just lovely.


15 thoughts on “OOOOOOOOO! I love it!!!!

  1. yeah, i love that, the thought…”i made this”
    ive just made a batch with poppyseed. my fav is just plain made with olive oil and coconut oil
    its soooo simple to do, more people should give it a go.


  2. Kezz, we buy Caustic Soda at Wilkinsons. Not sure if you have them where you are but they stock it.

    Froogs, great to see it's getting better, our second batch is better than the first. m'Lady experimented with blends and for the third we are trying something different again.


  3. It looks so scrummy !! Are you going to give us a recipe and tutorial. I have very dodgy skin – ie allergic to most things, would it be kinder for my skin, do you think? I only use Simple soap these days!
    Twiggy x


  4. There must be something that could be used as moulds to round off those sharp looking corners – I must admit I imagine hurting myself with them. Would a little colour be asking too much? :O)
    Well done you for making something with such varied uses!


  5. Just don't get carried away! I had an image of you running through the town naked streight from the shower calling “smell me!!!” lol
    Did you ever watch the beverley hill billies? Granny was always boiling up soap.
    Happy washing!


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