Get it whilst you can!

Ma made thick cut marmalade kit has been discontinued!
I have a tin of the lemon marmalade at the back of the cupboard, which is lucky because it will soon be discontinued! So if you see some, get it whilst you can.
Today, I finally got round to making the marmalade from the kit that Smallholderwannabee gave me in the summer holiday. I have another kit in the back of the cupboard too. The marmalade is just delicious. I make sure it sets by adding two bags of sugar, which is 200g more than needed and I get seven jars from this. Ma made is £1.59 in Tescos and sugar is 67p a bag in Lidl, so I stocked up when it was cheap and I have a good stash of sugar for preserving.

I’m suprised that more of the Ma made isn’t being sold as in hard times people make more themselves. I made 7 large jars for 41p each and I think it rivals Tiptree preserves which cost almost £2 a jar. Thanks again to Jo for the gift and boo hiss to Hartleys for discontinuing the thick cut and the soon to be cut lemon Ma made!


11 thoughts on “Get it whilst you can!

  1. Even in hard times people are lazy.

    Sadly this fact may just be why we die out, saving ourselves will be too much hard work!

    My gran and my mum used to make ma made so it will be a little sad to see it go but if you truly want to make your own it is easy enough, just time consuming! Not as cheap either though.

    Look forward to seeing what you are going to do instead as you are always really creative in the kitchen.

    I made courgette and apple jam a month or two back, but in reality it is more like a marmalade. It has chunks of rind in it from the shredded courgette. Tastes much nicer than it sounds as well. Nice and simple to make.

    I used equal amounts of apple and courgette and the same weight in sugar. So 1lb apples and 1lb courgette needed 2 lbs of apple. The apple contains all the pectin it needs and then it was just a matter of letting it boil for long enough until it would set up.

    Excellent on my morning toast and all local produce! Leeds isn't reknown for orange groves.


  2. None of the shops round here have stocked lemon for at least a year and I loved it. Or thick cut. Boo hiss. I like the idea of apple and courgette marmalade. Perhaps I could add some lemon to that to give it a tang. I love things that have a tang which is probably why I like marmalade so much. And damson jam. And anything with sloes. Yum!


  3. Thankfully we have both an Aldi and Lidl nearby and they do a good range of preserves including Thick Cut marmalade (thin cut isn't as good and shredless is just plain WRONG) and lemon varieties.


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