Room for rent.

The lodger is back and he’s tucked up in his room watching a film on his lap top. For anyone interested in boosting their income. Lodgers are tax free. I have a weekday lodger for 40 school weeks a year at £40 a week for four nights (Mon – Thur inc.) so I add another £1600 to the family coffers each year. I use the weekly income to pay for the groceries and sundries and I also get a free lift to and from work for three days and drive or take the train on the other days.

Obviously not suitable for families with children, but for empty nesters like ourselves it provides a handy amount of money. We advertised at both of our work places and we now share with a colleague of mine.


5 thoughts on “Room for rent.

  1. Hi – my lodger uses the kitchen and bathroom just like his own, he looks after himeself, sometimes he sits with us when we eat, but we all do our own thing. he doesn't mind the cold house and no cold water, he showers as we do and boils the kettle to wash his dishes just like we do, he's no bother


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