A perfect day

I read Foster Mummy’s blog this afternoon and realised I don’t do any chores. I’m really happy pottering around at home frugalling, cleaning and housekeeping and none of it is a chore. This is what I did today.

I had run out of ecover and as it’s so expensive, I now make my own soap powder from my own soap. I used to buy this/faith in nature for £1.50 a bar!!!! Now I make my own vegetable soap for 15p a bar
To make my own soap powder, I blitz the soap with soda crystals and wash my clothes with that, I use white vinegar for softener in the rinse.
I then made a pie from the leftover pork and apple casserole, to which I added the potatoes and carrots. I expected four for supper on Friday night but there were only three of us. None of it was wasted and it went into a pie. The cooked pie is now in the freezer for an ‘easy meal’ which we’ll eat when we come in from work, too tired to cook.
Today there are four of us for lunch so I switched on the ‘big oven’ but made sure I looked everything in the same roasting dish, even the carrots! We’ve pushed the boat out today and lunch has cost £1.17 each, including the homemade rice pudding with blackberry jelly for ‘afters’

Ilove my old tin self basting roasting dish, I usually wedge a turkey in this at Christmas, what ever I cook in it is so moist and delicious. I usually add some water to the bottom of the dish instead of any oil as the chicken and bacon topping provides the fat and then we have ready made gravy.
Another great delight of any weekend is that I got all of my washing, washed, dried and Dearly Beloved is in the middle of ironing it, usually whilst watching a Grand Prix….I escape to my office as it’s not my cup of tea, but he loves it.
I’ve added more to my preserves stock pile and I’m yet to finish making the blackberry jelly and marmalade yet. All in good time.
I also checked the sloe gin and raspberry vodka, which are both coming on nicely. So, to sum up my perfect day. Son and his girl friend are here for the weekend, lunch is bubbling away, the house is snug and clean and the washing is done.

All in all, it’s been a perfect weekend of not doing much, pottering around the stove and being around the people I love.


7 thoughts on “A perfect day

  1. I love pottering at the weekend when I'm not working. This weekend we've done some work in the garden, dug part of the allotment, peeled 10 pounds of apples from the allotment, cooked rhubarb from the garden, took lots of rubbish to the tip – finally !! Had still had time to return some of Twiglets faulty shoes, do some washing, visit, Nana and Grandad and had a 20p ride on the miniature train at the park – result !! I love our family weekends 🙂
    Twiggy x


  2. What an inspiration. Where DO you get your energy from???? I have been lurking, reading your blog for many months, and have finally done something about it and am now watching. Stalker me??? LOL


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