Domestic Goddess?

Reading a thrifty mum’s blog which can be found here who was making her plans for winter and although I tried to plan ahead; I just made my plans for a thrifty weekend. It will be the 11th (sad moment when I will think of the people in New York who died xx) and also the 1st day of my no spend month. I so easily slip a few quid or so to a charity shop or car boot sale and as every penny counts, I’m going to make this the month that I don’t spend anything. To make sure that I don’t pop into the hospice shop…….I’m going cold turkey by keeping busy. This weekend I must:

  1. make marmalade from the kit given to me by Smallholderwannabee
  2. make more soap from the ‘ingredients’ I bought last time
  3. pick more sloes and make more sloe gin, as I have gin left from my last purchase
  4. cook the meals for the week
  5. sweep and mop the downstairs floor
  6. walk the dogs
  7. make blackberry and apple jelly from the fruit in the freezer
  8. make chutney from the doorstep freebies

There we go then! a fun packed weekend that won’t cost me anything, will stock up my cupboards even more and will fill my time so I won’t get bored for one minute. I’m home, so anyone who wants to call is more than welcome xx


8 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess?

  1. I get a real kick out of seeing all those jars of things that I've made lined up on the table awaiting labels – and looking forward to eating them through the winter.

    Have fun!


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