More Free Food

We visited a poorly friend on Sunday and nearly jumped for joy at the sight of the bramley tree that groaned with apples that they didn’t want. I busied myself in the garden with their little girl and collected all of the apples that were lying on their lawn. I also keep coming home and finding bags of tomatoes and cucumbers on my doorstep

I don’t know if my chillis will ripen any more so I picked them today. I can feel another batch of spicy chutney in the offing. Any recipes for chutney including the ingredients in the pictures would be gladly accepted xxx regards, Froogs xxx


5 thoughts on “More Free Food

  1. My mum had been given a ton of garden produce when I visited her yesterday – far too much for her to use – so I came away with a bag of SWAG – love free food. Also I noticed that a new development of houses near me is having an open evening with a Hog Roast next week. I called in to pick up an invitation – free tea for us all next week (as long as I dont buy a house!) xxxx


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