Oh, good evening may I speak to…………………

I worked in telemarketing and I know it’s a job you only take when you can’t get much else, it’s legal and it pays the bills, so I have no malice towards the poor soul who had my number on auto-dial; the poor woman just didn’t know who she was dealing with.

Some chirpy bird on the end of the line informed me that she was going to save me a fortune with my shopping by allowing my to buy at wholesale prices. It was then I informed her that I didn’t go shopping……………..it all went quiet for a second.
She was about to launch into her spiel and I saved her the time with the retort that I: buy my clothes in charity shops and car boot sales, I own no new furniture and everything I have comes from people selling goods second hand in the classifieds, that I make my own soap, I shop in Lidl or Aldi, I only buy Tesco basics, that I have scoured every price comparison website and get the cheapest deals on: car, boiler, home and contents insurance.

I am on the lowest energy tariffs you can get, I have an energy meter so I keep my bills uber-low, I use the library so I don’t buy books, I grow my own veg, I make my own jam and pickles, I make my own Christmas presents and my friends call me the frugal queen……………………she hung up!!!!


20 thoughts on “Oh, good evening may I speak to…………………

  1. Hi there

    I just wanted to say I have only just found your blog and have just finished reading from start to finish!

    I think its fantastic and very inspirational. I have added it to my favourites.



  2. Good for you!
    I once told a telemarketer for the local paper – which we were already subscribed to – that I would be happy to have a subscription if they printed it in braille. I'm not blind but at least they quit calling. I have signed up for the donotcall.gov here in the states, it didn't cost anything, not sure why lizzie had to pay $1.


  3. Brilliant!!! I know these people are just doing a job but, I hate it when thay try to sell me things, for a start why would anyone with any sense buy anything over the phone from a complete stranger. I have given up trying to talk to them I just say “No Thanks” and put the phone down whatever their question is.


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