Fish and Chips Friday.

I was reading Shirley Goode’s blog as I do every day and looked at archived articles that she had written in the past, showing how much more you get for your money when you make it yourself. Take a look at her wonderful blog, which she updates every morning here at Shirley used examples of coleslaw and scones to show that you could make four times as much for the same price.

It got me to thinking about how much cheaper homemade is all together. I hear the frugal knockers saying that ‘life’s too short’ and they ‘haven’t got time’ but really chips are no longer cheap, unless you make them yourself.

Fish and chips in Liskeard at our local chippy costs £5 per head and mine cost: 75p (£1.50 a pack at Tesco) for the Pollock portion, 5p for the chips(150g of chipped spuds per person and a sprinkle of veg oil) and 9p for the(18p per tin) mushy peas= 89p and I cooked it all in my mini-oven which uses less electricity than my regular oven. I made my own oven chips and cooked the fish and chips all on the same tray and at the end of the cooking, put a tiny Pyrex bowl of the mushy peas in the oven to cook all in the same heat. Cooking it myself saved me £8.22, which would have been the extra cost if we had walked and bought our fish supper tonight.


11 thoughts on “Fish and Chips Friday.

  1. I love Shirleys blog too, I live close by and have visited her a couple of times. She is a smashing lady.
    I had fish and (sort of)chips tonight too but as I am doing weightwatchers I roasted a courgette cut into wedges and a tomato cut in half. I gave them a light spray with olive oil and cooked them for the same length of time as the fish. The whole lot was only 4 points.

    Hope the weather is as good in Cornwall as it is here. Have a good weekend,

    Cheers, Eileen.


  2. I do loads of charity baking so bought a mini oven and often have cakes in both – not frugal but the animal charities are worth it! We had sausage (vegan of course) and mash for dinner with beans from our organic veg box which is delivered on a Friday. Comfort food is great and frankly the thought of a take away really does nothing for us. I work very long hours and travel a long time to and from work like frugal queen so it drives me mad when people feed themselves and their children overpriced and overprocessed garbage and say it's because they have no time. Home made doesn't have to be complicated and time-consuming and what we put in our and our childrens' cakeholes is important! Rant over – hope everyone has a lovely sunny weekend! VC


  3. P.S. Our organic delivery box comes from a local farm a couple of miles away and although it means we don't have the choice of millions of different things what we do get is local and in season and what's better it helps to keep a young farming family in their home and doing what they love. The taste and freshness is worth the trade off of being able to choose from 12 apple varieties (all of them the same size and shape). I agree with what FQ says about some of the bigger organic delivery companies and their treatment of their employees – if it's true and I have no reason to disbelieve FQ it's shocking! Thankfully for us we have gotten to know our little farming family and the way they work. We are very lucky I know to be able to afford this but I'd rather eat less and it be good and properly produced than mountains of rubbish! Goodness I am on ny soapbox today! VC


  4. Hi queenie, Sorry I've not been keeping up with you lately, I haven't been in the blogging mood of late, but you're always there, at the back of my mind…(not nagging, just gently advising :o) Anyhow, WELL DONE YOU, another card sorted eh?! I wonder what you'll do when you have nothing to pay off, knowing you, you have something in mind.
    Slimming world chips rule – yay! ;o) xxx


  5. Thanks for your kind thoughts it's now 8.30pm and some of the after shocks have been truely scary. We are hoping nothing happens tonight, we have been up 16 hrs already and we are all to worried to go to bed yet. we have power but have everything ready if we have another power cut.


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