A hot date with a bit of foraging!

Tonight, Dearly Beloved and I took a stroll out into the warm evening air, making the most of the quiet empty lanes and the ‘mellow fruitfulness’ of this time of year. I’ve had my eye on a crab apple tree and regret not picking them sooner. We had what was left and got a good bowlful; I should remember the old adage of not putting off what needs doing today; it was clear by the trampled grass around the tree that the lower branches were already stripped.
We had also left it too late in the evening to collect more sloes and you can see that they are barely visible against the evening sky. The best ones around here grow on the side of the A38 and on my route to work. I must stop tomorrow and pick some more whilst it is still light. The sloes I picked today were so much smaller and juicier than the last sloes that I picked and these will be brilliant for sloe gin.
Well here is the bounty! Apples for my damson chutney.
A good handful of sloes, which I will add to until I have enough.
More skate park damsons.

No one ever warned me that frugality could be so romantic! I really enjoyed my night out with Dearly Beloved, he can pull the branches down to my height so I can pick the fruit. Mind you, he’s already eaten two jars of upside down green tomato chutney so I better hurry up and make more chutney for him. This weekend is going to be a very romantic sticky weekend of chutney making so my beloved knows how loved he is!


7 thoughts on “A hot date with a bit of foraging!

  1. I received a Foraging Bible for my birthday this year and cannot walk anywhere without finding stuff you can eat – it doesn't all taste good mind you – so far I have stuck to the fruit. I agree with you, it is great fun to forage, would be my idea of a brilliant date… I do love your blog by the way… will come by regular from now on.


  2. I always find foraging with my loved one very romantic – whereas a trip to the supermarket is anything but!!!! I have more Blackberries in the freezer than I know what to do with!! I have a summer pudiing in the fridge for tea tonight (made with stale bread and blackberries) and they are lovely in my porridge of a morning. We have tons of Sloes near us too. xxxxx


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