Special delivery!!!!!

I LOVE opening credit card statements as we’ve paid most of them off!!!!! I moved a huge chunk of Dearly Beloved’s credit card to Virgin Bank’s 0% and I’m now paying that off at £500 a month!! The balance that was left, that I couldn’t transfer due to credit limits, was paid off with my exam marking fees at the end of July! So, after my first day back at work, I arrived home to another zero balance and zero to pay credit card statement! I may be eating from the bottom shelf and the bottom of the freezer, making my own soap and wearing someone else’s clothes!! But hey! I’m on the road to being debt free!
I also found this on my doorstep! I assume my neighbours left these for me, some of the tomatoes are a bit green but they are good for chutney.
So I rustled up a quiche and here’s how I did it.

Shortcrust pastry – 8oz plain flour, good pinch of salt and 4oz of Tesco version of Utterly Butterlywizzed in the food processor, dribble in a squirt of cold water and hey! Pastry – put it in the fridge. Cost 7p for flour – 7p for marg – 14p for pastry

Open a pack of Tesco cooking bacon – £1.08 for 500g, use half of it – wrap the other half in clingfilm and freeze it.

Cut said bacon into little cubes, along with a peeled onion, also cut into little pieces and fry – no need for fat. Onion free from the garden.

After frying the onion and bacon, allow to cool.

Roll out pastry and line a flan dish.

Tip cooked bacon and onions into the flan dish.

Beat 6 eggs – 75p – from Pensilva, sold in the fruit and veg shop for £1.50 a doz. – Pour onto the bacon and onions.

Grate 100g of cheddar – on offer for at £4.98 a kilo (Cathedral City) so 49p. and sprinkle on top.

Slice four tomatoes and layer on top – free – on the door step!

Total cost = £1.92 and there are six portions, we had two tonight, we’ll have one each for lunch at work tomorrow and one each for lunch on Friday as well. 32p per portion.

Tonight we had ours with grated carrot with some raisins and homemade vinaigrette and some sliced cucumber. Our delicious supper, to celebrate paying off a chunk of debt was under 50p per person and even if I say so myself…………it was lovely xx


9 thoughts on “Special delivery!!!!!

  1. It's a very satisfying feeling paying off a credit card, I managed to pay off one of mine last month and it felt great. I'm now on a financial diet, having to really do something about paying off debts and getting myself straight.

    I've been enjoying reading about your frugal adventures.


  2. The quiche looks lovely, im going to give that a go. I have lost track with how much you have paid off lately but you must be doing amazingly well now, those balances really are shrinking. Well done you x


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