Squeezing in a little bit more!

I didn’t think I had anything to write about today; we’ve simply worked around the house; which may not be every one’s idea of fun for a bank holiday Monday, but we spent it together.

What a day! We’ve ‘put the garden to bed’. We’ve had a massive chop, slash, compost and shred day. We’ve stacked and moved logs. We’ve learnt how to split logs………….. and have decided to hire a log splitter and have a noisy generator driven day of compressed splitting and stacking. My patio is bare again as the veggies have been picked, pickled or just eaten. All that remains is my mini-green house full of chilli peppers and as yet, I have not decided what to do with them. Some will go into chutney and some have an undecided fate.

We’ve cleaned the car, swept the drive, scrubbed the deck and patio and slept in the sun.

Today is budget day where we look ahead at possible expenses and start to make extra cuts from our budget to accommodate them. It’s now I start to get ready for the January cost of taxing the car, as well as the possible repairs which may not be covered under warranty (it’s making a worrying noise! and is off to the garage on Wednesday). Our slim budget means we just have to go short of anything ‘nice’ when we have expenses to meet. But, we’ll worry about that on Wednesday.

The good news is that we made an extra £65 on eBay this week, which will go towards something we need. It’s been a busy but good end to a fantastic summer holiday.


6 thoughts on “Squeezing in a little bit more!

  1. You can hang them on a thread for decoration until they are needed, or if I'm not mistaken, they can be dried and smashed and put in a shaker bottle for adding to your various dishes.I have dried and pulverized several types before.I used a spice/coffee grinder. I think the chili peppers dry good. Not much luck with Jalapenos though.Not even in the dehydrator.


  2. we had a similar day as yours, doing lots of odd jobs, even cleaned the oven…ugh!!! Doesnt it feel good now though knowing that today has been really productive.


  3. OH is out just now putting the garden to bed. I am just about to start on some cleaning.

    Our budget is past reviewing its blown out the water, need to get a hand on it fast!!!! At least I have the money for the car service in the bank, so I do not have to worry about that.


  4. I think it is that time of year. While cleaning up the debris of the yard I enjoyed a multitude of frogs and endured the presence of many bees.
    What may not sound exciting to others has a satisfying effect on ones soul to be finished.


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