Frugal gifts for the financially challenged.

We’re off to Princetown on Dartmoor to visit friends, to walk on Dartmoor and then stay for supper. It’s always nice to take gifts and luckily I have an abundance at home. So I took some of my homemade soap decorated with lavender from my garden.
Some homemade chutney, one of the friends in particular loves green tomato chutney.

I picked more damsons this morning and will take a couple of pounds as the lady of the house is a fine jam maker and I’m sure she will do something interesting with the damsons. Being frugal does not mean an end to generosity and it’s lovely to have so much that I can take.


11 thoughts on “Frugal gifts for the financially challenged.

  1. Lovely gifts there. You've put a lot of effort into them too. Anyone would love to receive such gifts. And lovingly wrapped too

    We only give hand make gifts now, they are more real. Yet some people still seem to think that if they don't receive a brand new present, wrapped in acres of packaging, you somehow undervalue them! Oh well, that is down to the brilliant work of those creative men and woman from advertising agencies, who spend their days developing strategies to make us desire the junk from the companies they are contracted to work for.


  2. You can come to my house anytime with those lovely gifts, so much better than anything shop bought, I hope your friends appreciated them. I have never made soap but I would love to is it difficult.
    Love Jillxx


  3. What lovely gifts they look divine.
    I am having a go at a handmade xmas this year, I have only just found your blog as I am new to blogging but am looking forward to reading some of your previous posts and getting some great ideas.
    Jacey x


  4. I love to give and receive homemade gifts! I had the ingredients for the laundry powder in the cupboard as I use them anyway so made the laundry powder this morning (my OH has really sensitive skin)! Have a wonderful time today!


  5. The soap was really easy to make and I followed the instruction on a channel 4 site. I'm using the soap already; I have too much of it to be honest so I've made soap powder to clean the laundry and for general cleaning. I use old brown envelopes to make the soap wrappers, with a bit of sticky tape.

    It is very easy to make soap and I will make a step by step blog the next time I do this, as I need to make some for presents


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