Cooking with leftovers

I’ve had half a bag of spinach rattling around my freezer for months and I’ve finally got round to using it up. I love spinach and feta pie. I have no idea what shape it’s supposed to be, or if the contents are to be layered or mixed up together. So here is how I made it.

First make flaky/puff pastry. Instead of the half fat to flour ratio that you would use for shortcrust, with flaky/puff you use 3/4 fat to flour. I used 8 oz of plain flour and 6 oz of fat (2 marg and 4 of solid vegetable fat) I rubbed in 2 oz marg into the sifted flour, to which I added a sprinkle of salt. I then added cubes of the vegetable fat. I added cold water until I had the right consistency and then chilled the pastry. When you roll it out, the pockets of fat create the layers, you don’t need to keep rolling and adding fat in the way you would for a croissant. Another really simple method can be found on HERE > ON DELIA ONLINE.

To make the filling I used a tablespoon of olive oil, four small onions out of the garden and three cloves of garlic, all chopped and fried gently until soft. I then poured in the frozen spinach, which was a bit watery and seemed like too little, so I grated three carrots and added those too. I cooked them through. I added a really good dash of grated nutmeg, which is wonderful with spinach as well as a good handful of chopped parsley from the garden. Those two ingredients really give it some flavour.

I then crumbled a lump of feta(not actually feta – Lidl sells Greek style cheese and it’s 85p for a block and just as good as the Greek version) cheese (I have made this before by crumbling smoked tofu for vegetarians) into two beaten eggs. I then mixed everything together, so the egg would start to cook through in the hot spinach.

I rolled out a shape big enough for the base of my ‘pie’ covered it with the filling and covered the rest. I have no idea what the edge should look like, so in true Cornish maid style – I crimped it like a pasty. I baked it until golden.
When cooked it has a firm texture and the pastry was light and crumbly. We had half for lunch with salad and we’ll have half with some cooked veggies (more beans from the garden) for supper.
It’s got to be one of the world’s simplest pie recipes and much cheaper to make yourself than by buying filo pastry, which is in the Greek recipe of Spanakotyropita, which the recipe is based on. It’s certainly a good way to use spinach and I think any grated cheese would do, or even cottage cheese if you had nothing else. I used to buy flaky pastry as I thought it was difficult to make, but I think it’s even easier than shortcrust.


8 thoughts on “Cooking with leftovers

  1. That looks very, very yummy!

    I'm really scared of pastry! I just avoid making it and end up making crustless quiches etc.! For some reason I've got it into my head that pastry is really difficult to get right – I really should give pastry making a go some time.


  2. Your pie looks good , it is made just with spinach and feta traditionally .
    Cypriots make their pastry with cooking oil , so that is harder .
    It is also one of my favourite pies,
    Span is spinach tiro is cheese pita is the pastry .

    Now for another favourite , Spinach and black eye beans ,
    The beans are 35p a tin at Asda.
    Wilt the spinach , heat the Blk, eyes. serve on to your plate, drizzle with olive oil and a good sqeeze of lemon. Crusty bread to mop the juices
    HERE comes another one
    Blk,eye beans add a handful of finely chopped lettuce, onion ,or salad stuff on top , oil and lemon , crusty bread to mop up
    Bluebell shared this last one with me for lunch recently –cottonreel


  3. Oh, that looks scrumptious! I like anything that gives me an excuse to eat crust. When I was very little I used to carefully pick off bits of pie crust thinking mom would never notice if I just got a little at a time. Ha! Not so.


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