What do we go to work for?

“Normal” is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to the job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, the car, and the house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it”

Ellen Goodman

Today is a bit crap to be honest. Its a crap cake, smothered in crap, with crap frosting, with whippy crap on top decorated with crap sprinkles. It’s raining, my car is making a funny noise which might indicate an imminent huge expense, it’s cold and I went to work yesterday (in my unpaid holiday) worked all day and today, I’ve worked all day again. I love teaching, but I don’ t like my 60 hour working week when I actually get paid for 32.5 hours! Nor do I like working in my holidays. I’ve read my own blog today and I’ve counted the sum of my days and they are good, nonetheless I want to work to live and not the other way round. I’m in the have no choice but to work bracket as I’ve determined my own future through my own choices and now I must pay…………for a while. Below is the dream I hang on to and I’m almost in a position to downsize and make that a reality.

I have to remember the plan; where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. My personal debts, will be non-existent in 2012 or sooner. I will have received two incremental pay rises and will be better off. Sell big house (economy may be better? or not!) buy tiny two down, with garden big enough to grow a few veggies, a couple of chickens and some where to dry the washing and pay off the mortgage by 2018! Who knows what I might do after I have paid off the mortgage – Oh I know!!!! I will work to do things I like doing instead of just surviving.
Sound familiar??

Now I really must stop moaning and get back to work!


9 thoughts on “What do we go to work for?

  1. Everyone is entitled to winge from time to time. I wish we were in the position that you are. I was forced to give up working by ill health and we have struggled ever since.

    OH wanting to move back to his home country has not helped, but we will get there, even is we have to eat beans for the next few years.

    Keep your goal in mind, you will get there…….


  2. You have what it takes. And you are going to make it. No doubt about it!! Sorry it is miserable some days on the way. I do know how it feels . . . . .for what good that will do you. LOL And thanks for sharing your journey. ~Liz


  3. Amen sister – I hear you loud and clear. We should have finished paying our house off yesterday – but the endowment didnt reach the value – let alone the yield the bumper savings plan we were promised! So its back to work for a bit longer yet. xxxx


  4. Keep in mind your goal, you are getting there :0)I can imagine it must be depressing going back to work after a lovely long break,but I'm sure it will seem better soon.
    Jacquie x


  5. Nearly 50 and trying to be frugal – I'm a teacher and the job can not be done in less than the time it takes. I have to prepare for next term, including the Self Evaluation, the new lesson plans, create resources, check/second mark the coursework of 187 students (five essays per student)it's common practise with UK teachers; if we worked to rule, the schools couldn't operate


  6. I felt the same today, rain didnt help not did a piece of chocolate cake. I then drove home in my car that I havent paid for and got home in a flat I havent paid for which I left empty all day so I could pay for it lol crap day with crap frosting and sprinkles indeed. At least you have us to vent at. Lately my husband just gives me the evils if I moan about work. xx hugs xx


  7. Oh Dear! don't go all whingy on me, I do so admire what you are doing, and it will get better just keep doing what you are doing and be proud that you are paying off your debts, I am proud of you.
    Love Jillx


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