Great British Waste Menu

Did you see it? on the telly box? A bunch of brilliant chefs went to Billingsgate and other markets and got the heads, feet, offal etc from the butchers, packets of food from skips (OOOOOOOOOOH! that makes me cross that supermarkets and shops throw the food away! Give it to the elderly or students, or young families! don’t throw it away!!!!) They also found fruit and veg that was perfectly good but about to be thrown away. They used their common sense and discretion and of course their talents and cooked the food. The menu was uncertain until they sourced the ingredients but they wanted to make the point that we should use this food up and not throw it away!

If you didn’t see it then you can do so here -CLICKETY HERE >> here’s the link to the i-player .

They didn’t need to make a TV programme and drag posh chefs out of their restaurants, they could have visited blog land. We’ve been making banquets out of things in tins, dried up carrots we’d forgotten at the bottom of the fridge, spuds that have sprouted and bananas that have gone black.

I have this principle. Ignore the date on packets!! Lift the lid – look! Can you see mould? No move to step 2. Sniff! Does it smell normal? If so move to step 3? Eat the flootin‘ stuff and don’t throw it away. We always keep dried goods in our cupboards and can conjure up a dip, a burger, a casserole from anything we have.

We know exactly what to do with pork knuckles, with offal (remember my faggots??? ) we know how to make fish stock from heads and tails, we mush up soft fruit into a cake and nothing gets wasted. I am quite happy to eat yogurt weeks past the sell by date if there’s nothing wrong with it; I’ve been known to give cereals a quick bake if they’ve gone soft or to add them to cakes too! As for the cheap pulses we have in the back of the cupboard, we can make soups, casseroles, dips, burgers…………….and on and one.

I’m glad the BBC didn’t send those lovely chefs round to my house to cook with waste as they wouldn’t have found any!!!


10 thoughts on “Great British Waste Menu

  1. I have just watched the programme and I was thinking of you. I agree with you that there are a lot of people who do know not to waste food and what to do with all the bits and bobs that are left and your blog is excellent at showing how to do that. I have learnt a lot from the short time I have been following your blog. Thank you


  2. I have just watched this too and thought of you sat at home nearly having a coronary lol I hate waste and most of the time our meals are planned but usually at the end of the week we have bits of veg for salad drawer soup or veggie pasta. I work in a bread and cake shop and the waste is appalling!! even the staff can't have it cheap incase they abuse the system!! so it goes to the pig man including pork pies sausage rolls meat pies and cooked meats, its really disgusting. I love reading your blog and find you a real inspiration. Thanks for all the hints and tips too. x


  3. Hi flourgirl! I used to work in a bakers many many years ago, I used to 'liberate' waste! I was a skint student and used to take away 'daily waste' even if I fed it to the ducks, it was better than wasting it!


  4. It is appalling especially when the news reports tonight were showing the children in Pakistan without food and clean water and the adults clobbering each other for a bottle of water and a small bag of flour. This was pointed out to the children present here today that next time they push good food round their plates they should remember how lucky they are. It's ridiculous to dump good food when there are people starving.


  5. We watched that, we'd just eaten chicken & ham pasta bake made from the chicken I roasted on Sunday. The Minder muttered 'They'd go bloody hungry if they tried to make anything for the waste in this house'.


  6. We watched this programme, I was'nt shocked because I new it must happen but.. I was angry. I am so sad that kids are not taught how to cook, I learnt by watching my mom and having lessons at school and life teaches you the rest, but a lot of youngsters have no role model because the role model was not taught to cook and so it goes on. I don't care what shape my fruit and veg is it's the taste that matters. Nothing is wasted in our house and to be honest the meals I make with leftover stuff is often far tastier than the original.I loved the programme but it made me very frustrated and I detest the bloke on the panel who was wearing a green jacket and orange t.shirt because he says the most stupid things, the food they produced was brilliant but he still moaned.
    Love Jillxx


  7. There is never anything left in this house to go in the bin, any veg peelings etc go in the compost bin. I try to guage servings so they are not too big…..

    Why could not the misshapen tomatos be turned into puree or some sort of tomato sauce by a manufacturer. My grandmother regulary used to buy a tongue from the butcher, we had it hot and then she pressed it.

    One things that makes me mad in Scotland is pigs liver, the only way you can get it is prepacked, all the butchers I have asked do not sell it, so what do they do with it then?????? chuck it oot?


  8. Absolutely loved it and got my kids to watch it too as I am always banging on about ignoring sell by dates. It annoys me so much that supermarkets dont take misshapen veg etc – they blame “demand” but they dont give us the choice!!!! I think it said it all when only Morrisons and the co-op took up the invite – well done to them. xxx


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