A thing of beauty!

As they say, you don’t measure taste with a spirit level. My pie is wonky but lovely. The apples are from my parent’s neighbour’s neighbour’s garden. A tree leans over the neighbours wall, the immediate neighbours were out…………….Dad was in and out of the garden like a Ninja and scooped up all of the apples off the lawn. By four o clock this afternoon, they were in a pie! and by seven o clock this evening they were safely tucked upside myself and Dearly Beloved! So, freeganism rules again! woohoo…………….and Dad! You’ve not lost your touch!


10 thoughts on “A thing of beauty!

  1. Errrmm…..I'm a bit confused here…it looks as if there is someone living in the house attached to the garden your father went into to take those apples.

    Please tell us he asked permission from the houseowner or the house was vacant……..


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