I’m just a scrubber!

It’s the last week of my holiday and I’ve taken a break from craft and cooking today. I had some lovely friends around for lunch yesterday, who do not embrace my frugal ways and were vehement that they could not live without a tumble drier. I can………….because I watch the skies!

You have a stoop to your walk when you dry in the open. You glance sky wards and walk around your garden looking at the direction that the clouds take. You long for a breeze and get the washing out even if it’s not sunny if there’s a good breeze. I’ve washed all the washing today and dried it, in between the showers. I also iron shirts whilst slightly damp (I don’t use fabric conditioner as I like the starchiness) and then hang clothes on hangers in door ways to ‘finish’ if still slightly damp – plus the final ‘airing’ gives the house a clean laundry smell.

I’ve also enjoyed cleaning the house today. I’ve used my own soap, rubbed it over a scrubby sponge to clean the bath and sink, gone over the grimy bits with bicarbonate of soda, scrubbed the loo out with vinegar. Polished the wooden furniture with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. Cleaned all the work surfaces in the kitchen with a mixture of grated soap dissolved in hot water and a swish of vinegar to get rid of any grease.

I prop open every door and window on a blowy day and give the house a good blow through and I’ve dabbed essential oil on a damp cloth and put that in a sunny window so now the lemony smell has spread around the house.

It’s been a lovely day of scrubbing and cleaning and drying the washing out side.


8 thoughts on “I’m just a scrubber!

  1. Do you scrub in heels and fur?? LOL One of the nice things about an honest day's work is being tired enough to go to sleep at night. Hope your new school year starts off well. ~Liz


  2. I abhor the tumble dryer and also like nature, the Vacuum. Both are devices the woorld doesn't need that have come about through a culture of consumerism.

    I find it absolutely horrific that something like 90% of all californians dry in a tumble dryer as hanging washing out is perceived as the province of the lower class!

    We never struggle to get everything dry either. I admit with only two of us it is easier than for some but we don't wear two changes of clothes each day like many people do, so we have less to wash per person to start of with. We are that much further north as well so we have less sunshine hours to do it in yet it is perfectly possible, grr to the tumble dryer, grr I say.


  3. I only use mine on rare occasions, I have a make shift line in the garage workshop and mostly it gets dry in there apart from the really damp humid days.In fact the drier is going to be baniahed into the garage and out of my laundry. Washing can be dry in an hour here on a hot day and if you hang it right on the line then you don't have to iron it, I REALLY hate that job! Oh and another thing, when I lived in the UK there was a posh private road and they weren't allowed lines! Bollocks to that!


  4. Sounds like your house is as clean as a new pin, I love days like that when you can get so much done. It has been wet,wet,wet here not much chance of anything drying but hey ho the gardens watered. love your quilt, there was a picture of one taken at the NEC quilt show this weekend and the colours were really similar to yours but I bet the price wasn't !!!


  5. I've got a dryer, but I haven't used it hardly at all this year. Thinking of selling it and getting it out of the way, actually!

    I can sympathasize with the non-frugal friends: I have several of those!


  6. I don't have a tumble drier either, and in the summer I get on fine without it. In the winter it can be a struggle – obviously with 5 kids we generate a lot of washing! Our little boy J manages to create at least one washload a day all by himself, but it's not his fault so I don't mind!

    It sounds like you have been very busy cleaning your home – it must be lovely to sit back and see the result of your work 🙂 I'm in awe of people who can get, and keep, a house clean and tidy – It's something that I struggle with! No matter how hard I search, I find no joy in housework and the house is never, ever tidy.


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