What do you call yours?

I’ve been adding to the preserves and have already given some away as presents to people who laugh at the names I call them. Beetroot? grown in an Ikea bag. The damson tree I ‘use’ is next to the skate ramp in the park. The sloes came from the roundabout by Morrison’s supermarket and the chutney was from the upside down tomatoes. It’s fun. Last year’s sloe jam was ‘A38 sloe jam’ what do you call yours?


5 thoughts on “What do you call yours?

  1. We never give ours particularly interesting names, I can't think why as everything else we name tends to be a bit odd!

    I think the best we did was Roasted Pickled Beetrooted because m'lady got on a roll with the ed's and didn't want to stop.

    In future though I think finer names will be had!

    Great to know there is someone out there as daft as us!


  2. Last year the local vicarage was empty all summer and the garden had got really overgrown. I kept seeing the apple tree laden then the fruit started to drop off. One day I could not resist the temptation any longer and I nicked a couple of carrier bags of apples. (tree of temptation or what ! ) The vicarage is still empty and the tree is calling me again……
    It does seem a bit of a waste just letting them all fall off and rot.


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