Ta- da! Here’s one I prepared earlier

Any one who does not like bad language, stop reading! This was an effin‘ nightmare! It’s mainly square and mainly with a different pattern or colour opposite each other. Pinning the bigger pieces together was difficult. I need a table the size of the quilt, however I did this on my lap in the dining room or on top of my ironing board
The wadding is in the post from ebay and I’m going to use Cotton reel’s advice and use a king size sheet for the backing. I have my eye on sheets in the Salvation Army shop, all pink, swirly 1970’s looking which will look great on the back. I run out of time soon as I go back to work and know the hand quilting will take years! I won’t even attempt to quilt with the machine as most of the seams are not straight and if I use Cotton Reel’s method of drawing round dinner plates and side plates inside that and stitch random circles, then I’m sure it’ll come out OK. The most expensive material here was £1.17 a metre from Trago. I won’t say this has been fun all of the time, but it’s done a wonderful job of occupying my holiday. My next project, after quilting this will be to make a quilt for the spare bedroom.


25 thoughts on “Ta- da! Here’s one I prepared earlier

  1. So you're telling us not to expect the finished quilt next week? . . . . I love it, and I think you'll like it ten times more when you get the batting and the quilting done. ~Liz


  2. Wow – you've done a fantastic job, it is gorgeous. The idea of a kingsize sheet for the backing is a good one.
    Think of all the cosy autumn evenings you can sit and stitch.


  3. I appreciate the swearing here!

    I wish m'Lady had the sense to try a normal square pattern for her first quilt. No she picked one with diamonds and triangles and all sorts!

    So much swearing here as well. I have to say though the effort is worth it as not only does in look good now you can pass it on later as an heirloom. It has that little extra than a £15 number from Swedisheverywhere shop.


  4. You have done very well , congratulations

    One more bit of advice , please start your quilting from the middle and work outwards . You will need lots of safety pins for putting the layers together. Do you have a large flat board to pin on ? Perhaps the caretaker at your school would let you use a big table at the school!!!

    I,m hoping to post my shabby roses quilt tonight–cottonreel


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