House bound

Dearly Beloved and I have been sheltering from downpours today. No bike riding or walking in this weather for fair weather people like us. My quilt is beginning to look quiltish and you can see from the pile of what I affectionately called ‘sixes’ – it’s huge quilt and I’m mad to have made such a big quilt for my first attempt. I think the actual quilting will take me a year! I haven’t worried for one minute that I have no money, can’t get out and once would have felt quite trapped at home all day. Dearly Beloved has ebayed all day, photographing and submitting his adverts and I’ve just quilted with my dogs at my feet. It’s been a perfect day.


10 thoughts on “House bound

  1. Its looking good!!

    Do you have a walking forrt for your machine???? you could quilt it quite quickly on the machine using straight lines from corner to corner through the middle of your blocks.


  2. Love reading your blog, it inspires me! what name do you list under on Ebay you maybe selling something I need!!! and if I can put some pennies in your jar whilst saving myself some then so much the better!! Kind regards, Karen.xx


  3. Yes you will need a backing, it does not come with the wadding, you may need to join two pieces of fabric together to get a piece big enough. The other way is to buy a 100% COTTON kingsize sheet, cut off the top and bottom hems and use that for backing, there are some quite inexpensive ones around.

    You will need to iron the backing and spread it out flat, then put the wadding on top making sure the bottom fabric does not wrinkle, then press your quilt top well and lay it over the backing and wadding making sure that it is smaller than the wadding and backing, you then need to baste the whole thing either sewing it with basting thread, or using safety pins….if you look on the internet you will find lots of info about layering up a quilt…..

    Depending on how you want it to look then its finished, you could 'bag' it. Lay down the wadding with the quilt to right die up and then place the sheet right side down over it, baste it, so it does not move and then sew round all four sides leaving a gap to turn it through, slip stitch the opening closed, flatten it and then pin through to the backing and tie it using something like pearle thread, again you can find info on this on the internet.

    I hope you get on ok with it……


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