Stitched up!

I’m making progress with my recycled and bargain material quilt. It’s not easy though. I haven’t got all of my seams all the same size, therefore it’s going to be a lot more higgeldy piggeldy that I would like, but how much better will my second one be?! In the middle of sewing and pinning, the post delivered Dearly Beloved’s credit card statement, which I paid off the balance with my tutoring payments. It’s a lovely sight…………so by blogging it; I’ve sort of ‘framed’ it and shall enjoy closing the file with a big ‘paid in full’ with felt tip pen across the page.
It’s also interesting trying to randomly pick which set goes with each set, it’s definitely going to look recycled, and hand made, but it’s for my bed and Dearly Beloved and I will be beneath it, so it’ll be heaven to me.
I then proceeded to settle down with pulp day time TV, intravenous tea and biscuits and pin, pin, pin. I’ve looked out of the patio doors all day and reminded myself I needed to get things in Plymouth but the torrential rain has kept me close to my sewing all day.
I did manage to start to sew a few sets together, it’s very random and I’m almost too embarrassed to share my first attempt at quilting. It’s been fun and I hope to sew most of it together tomorrow. I find I get stiff if I sit still for too long and I’ve stopped now for the day. I’m off to collect Dearly Beloved and then on to have my supper cooked by Foster Mummy, which I know will be a lovely treat.


5 thoughts on “Stitched up!

  1. I think it's going to be beautiful. I love pinks. And who cares if it isn't just absolutely perfect? It will look like it was made by a live human being — not something coughed up by a machine. It has personality! Go for it!


  2. Don't worry about what the world thinks–this is for you, not them! Great job!

    BTW, don't stress on the seams a lot–just pin match it the best you can and go on! It will give it more character that way!


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