A day of wagging chins

Today has been a whirl of activity at Frugal Towers with two sets of visitors. As I type I have a Bakewell Tart in the oven, ready to have with ‘cream’ with Foster Mummy when she comes later for a cuppa and to collect Max the four legged lodger to take him home with her.

Today Smallholderwannabe and her husband came for lunch. As you can imagine, lunch was a frugal affair with homemade: spicy butternut squash soup, homemade bread, lemon and mint wheat berry salad, butter bean dip, mixed salad with homemade dressing and some of Foster Mummy’s pickled beetroot.
Smallholderwannabee brought me the most perfect gift of a marmalade kit, which I use instead of Seville oranges when I can’t get the real thing. So nice just to have a day of chin wagging, meeting new people and catching up with dear friends.


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