Hedgerow jelly

It’s been another hot day here in deepest Cornwall and to beat it I got up early. I managed to do some garden tidying by nine o clock, ably assisted by Max the four legged lodger, who loves sticks! I managed to do some weeding and bagging up some of the smaller logs for my neighbours so they can have some of our wood.
I then came in and spent most of the day amusing myself with my quilt making and then some Hedgerow Jelly making. I have jars of bramble jam and sloe jam in the cupboard and Dearly Beloved won’t touch anything jammish, or with a pip in it, so I’m making jelly this year in the hope that he might enjoy this more; if not then there’s more for me!
It’s so easy to make. I covered the sloes in water and cooked them until all soft, I then added some Crab Apple pulp that I had frozen previously and some of the blackberries. I cooked them all through and then strained them.
For each pint of fluid I added 1lb of sugar, although I added more sugar later as it was extremely tart. The predominant flavour is sloe which gives it such a fresh tang with the apples and blackberries in the background.
It’s a bit worrying waiting for it to set, but there is such a naturally high level of pectin that it usually sets and lasts really well. All if cost me was a bag and a half of sugar, for natural homemade, chemical free jam, most of which was picked from the hedgerows on Saturday. This will be wonderful on toast for breakfast or in a sponge cake.


8 thoughts on “Hedgerow jelly

  1. Nearly free jam! Yayy.

    This is my favourite kind and we make far too much of it each year. I love jam on fresh bread and could eat it to the exclusion of everything else including my health.

    Can we say sugar induced hypoxia?


  2. I often make jelly rather than jam as my grandchildren prefer no 'bits', and I can also use jelly to have with meat if it has a sharp edge to it. The remains of the drained fruit can also be pulverised and used as purees with ice cream or rice pudding etc – double the value from the same fruit!


  3. By the way, your comment on my blog certainly didn't offend me – it's the divinity of Jesus and the existence of the Trinity which I can no longer accept but I certainly believe in God :O)


  4. Mmmm delicious!! But totally jealous that you seem to have had some lovely weather recently when we are starting to get grey, cold and miserably wet days… But you have reminded me, I must get out foraging in the next day or two… there are tons of sloes near us – I like them best in gin though!


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