Industrial strike action

I just can’t be bothered! There are moors to walk on, there is housework to do, there is jam to make and the most energetic thing I’ve done all day is pull my knickers up! I did some sewing and the hot lazy dogs were unsettled and kept wandering about to try and find some cool so I gave up and sat in the garden.
Lunch was a calorific disaster and we succumbed to egg and chips! And to be honest, I’ll wash up tomorrow! I tried to move some logs but fell over them, had sweat dripping off my t**s and came in doors for some arduous knitting and sitting still in the shade. How the jeffing hell do people live in hot countries and do any work. Well I’m off for a shower and another lie down and back to being lazy. Normal service will resume tomorrow. P.S not my dog,pool or pigs xxx


10 thoughts on “Industrial strike action

  1. I so know where you are coming from. Heat index of 110 Fahrenheit again today with 60% humidity. Its a sauna just standing still. The fans help and I have one air conditioned room I hibernate in.


  2. I second what Tracey said! 😀 It get pretty hot here in NZ during the summer, well into the 30s in the shade. So you either get up early and work until about 11am and then wait until it cools down in the evening. Oh yeah and where did you get that pis of me on the sofa!!! ;-D


  3. So it's you who stole the sun? I'm getting my first proper glimpse of it this morning, it rained here all last week. That may sound like a complaint but it's not, it re-filled my water butts 🙂
    I like the sun in small doses and always from the shade!


  4. Completely understand Froogy, it's not even been hot here and I still drip with sweat when I do anything remotely energetic. I think it's to do with getting old. It's downhill from here!! :-0 xx


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