I can see clearly now…..

Tree: day 2. I love Fridays as Dearly Beloved does not work that day in the summer holidays as he works extra hours for four days to earn a day off to be with me! The tree blokes came back today and started the task of demolishing the tree trunk. It took a lot of sawing, wedges, heaving ropes and sweating and even Dearly Beloved went out to help or I think Grandpa boss and Kamikaze Kevin would still be there now.
We now have a massive pile of logs, which we will store until we find use for them.
There is one person who does not like change and is most put out by the whole event. Tigger. He normally spends every sunny day asleep under a bush, near the cherry tree. He also like to hunt mice near there and to sharpen his claws on the tree. Whilst the dogs have sniffed the logs and piddled on them in total disdain; Tigger has climbed on them, inspected them and miaowed pathetically whilst on them. Perhaps he’s a friend of the earth and is mourning for the tree?
As ever, whilst I type Tigger sits on the sunny window sill but he is totally out of sorts.


7 thoughts on “I can see clearly now…..

  1. As a suggestion if you have some decent size chunks of cherry and somewhere dry to store them, let them season then see if you can sell them on ebay.

    People are often on the lookout for wood to carve and cherry can be quite popular as it is nicely coloured and grained and relatively easy.

    Alternatively buy a lathe and turn some bowls yourself!

    Failing all else leave a pile of them somewhere to attract loads of wildlife like bugs and birds and frogs and hedgehogs who will all either hide in it or eat it or eat things that hide in it.


  2. When I moved into my house there was a row of huge leylandi at the bottom of the garden and one of the first things I did when I split up with my ex was get them cut down – cost me a ton of money I could ill-afford and the time if year and weather meant that my garden was like the Somme when they'd finished but it was so liberating! The cat looks most displeased but that won't last long!


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