Sew addictive!!

I was warned. I didn’t listen. I wouldn’t happen to me! I can handle it. I spent most of yesterday looking out of the door for the postman to deliver the new sewing machine I had bought from ebay. It cost me, three old suits, three pair of shoes and a Laura Ashley lampshade! Fortunately for the sake of postie’s health, he delivered it by nine o clock this morning. And then it started! I’ve not stopped sewing, pinning and ironing all day. My hands are numb and my back aches but first thing tomorrow morning I will make another attempt…………this time I shall get up earlier and get more done!!!!

So far I have sewed together enough squares for seven rows of the 36 rows needed for my bed quilt! Each step of the way I keep referring to You tube and the fantastic ‘how to make a quilt’ videos on there. I’ve made quite a few mistakes and spent ages unpicking and repinning as some corners were not square and I know it will look bad if they are not.

So there it is, I’m a quilting addict. I can’t wait to get the batting, make the multi-coloured bias for the edging (I intend to use all the bits and bobs for the edges) and start hand quilting. I’m sure I’ll be back to watch You tube to see the different methods to do that. I also can’t wait to have something on my bed that I’ve made all myself. What a brilliant day!


14 thoughts on “Sew addictive!!

  1. It looks fantastic Froogs! I'll bet anything it looks even better in the 'flesh'.
    Now….. what about setting up an ordering system and making them for paying customers – I am sure there are plenty of people who would go for it, and even provide the fabric so that you don't have to worry about colour co-ordination for them…. that way you'd kill a few birds with one stone! Doing something useful you love, that cost's you nothing but a little time and electricity for the machine, and provides a fantastic product and earning money for an enjoyable past-time…..sounds too good to be true methinks! Jo x


  2. Pink is my absolute FAVORITE colour, I am sure that your quilt will look fabulous when its finished! I know how you feel, when I get stuck into a project I have been know to pull an all nighter just to finish it:)


  3. Hi jane, see I told you, it is addictive. the quilt looks really good and there is nothing like it when you complete this one you will want to do more. You could also make pillow shams to go with your quilt by using up all your scraps, never throw anything away there are so many ways to use the scraps. I made a hexagon quilt which I sewed completely by hand they were very small hexagons sewn over papers but the affect of all those little hexagons was stunning and it's a great project through the winter months. Happy Days, Love Jillx


  4. Oh boy! You have now joined the ranks of us mad quilters – welcome! I look forward to seeing the finished result and am VERY impressed that you are going to hand quilt it. Are you already planning your next project? That is what we all do :o)


  5. Welcome to the world of quilting, you will find yourself stroking fabric, loooking at fabric and thinking oh yes I can do so and so with that……guard your purse…it costs money!!!

    Well done, you have done very well.


  6. Hi everyone, so far, the only thing that's cost a lot of money is the batting, the thread and the electricity for all the ironing I am doing. I don't have any spare cash so I'll need to be inventive with this hobby. I have bag fulls of other fabric from the scrap store, and my next project will be a throw for my sofa, but memories of a very very cold winter makes me want another layer for my bed first.


  7. Have fun! I sewed for years until I got bored with it! It can be really frugal if you look for deals–I made the kid's clothes, coats and quilts for ages!

    Just remember to come up for air once in a while! 🙂


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