The kindness of a stranger.

Thank you Bluebell for the fabric you sent me today. You went and read my blog, then went to the trouble of sorting through your fabric to pick out the pink, yellow and blue bits, you then found a jiffy envelope, emailed me, got my address, walked to the post office and sent this all to me! You don’t know me, you’ve never met me and you went to all this trouble for me. Not only am I thrilled that I can use recycled material but 144 squares will be from Bluebell and I shall think of that when I finally sleep under my quilt. I’m not far off my target of 1080 squares and soon I can start pinning and sewing. But again, thank you Bluebell.


14 thoughts on “The kindness of a stranger.

  1. The last twenty years have destroyed communities. Work has had some play in it as has many other things in the endless chase of money.

    I am constantly reminded that through the blog world we are building a new community, replacing what was lost with something new.

    The advice isn't necessarily from a neighbour anymore, but the advice is still there.

    And the little gifts, things that we would throw out because no one else we know in real life would want them? They have a way of finding the right hands.

    I love the New Community, I hope it carries on and maybe just spills back into reality.

    So yay Bluebell and yay you for letting us all know!


  2. Hi Jane it,s cottonreel . I,m answering your queries .
    I quilt by hand I do not have a longarm machine , they cost thousands of ££££££s

    I mostly use stencils I cut myself or draw round something suitable.

    Regarding you saying your corners don,t always come together
    1-see if you can get a 1/4 inch foot , this will keep your seams regular , or put a piece of masking tape 1/4 ” along the side of your foot
    2-always pin your joins, if you are careful you can machine over the pin.
    3-Save the bits of material that are over ,you can make them into hexagons . Either bluebell or myself will fix you up with a hexagon template
    4- could you put your thinking hat on and organise we bloggers into the new community ,caring and sharing

    There is a group of aussie girls who call themselves among the gum trees . start by looking at Jenny of Elefantz . you will find her on my sidebar–cottonreel


  3. So glad you liked the fabric, I love to think of new people getting pleasure from patchwork and quilting. It was a pleasure to send the fabric now lets see the finished quilt.
    Love Bluebellx


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