Lazy like a Sunday morning

We’ve been making the most of a very quiet Sunday. Anyone reading this who is a teacher knows that this is normally the busiest day of the week. I’m usually lesson planning, book/coursework/essay marking and catching up on paperwork. I usually spend my Saturdays on domestics: shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundering, ironing and then flop in the chair with a glass of wine in front of a film in the evening. So, I am making the most of the quietness and just pottering. It is heavenly.

We walked the dogs so I could check out the ripeness of hazelnuts, damsons, sloes and blackberries and they’re all coming along nicely. We came back to mooch about in the garden where I’ve purposefully left the weeds in the garden as the bees are all over the flowers and we need bees so I’ve left the weeds but the garden did get some attention this morning. We gave up quite early though as it’s really warm today. I’ve cut the lavender back as it’s almost finished and I need the lavender for scent for the house.
Along with the soap, it’s drying in my airing cupboard. Like any well used airing cupboard, the door is never closed so there is a plentiful supply of dry air circulating through the shelves.

After lunch I returned to the hypnotic business of cutting squares for my quilt. So far, I have cut 660 squares and have only 420 to go. It’s amazingly relaxing and I’ve listened to the Henry James serial on Radio 4 of “The Wings of the dove” whilst I’ve sliced away.
I’m working with pinks and colours that blend well with pink; mum gave me some old curtains, that I’ve taken apart and I’ll continue to cut up tomorrow. It’s been a wonderful day with the moments punctuated by cups of tea and gentle chatter……………..holidays don’t get much better than this.


4 thoughts on “Lazy like a Sunday morning

  1. Sounds lovely Froogs. I remember the Sunday panic very well. I must say I really don't miss it at all. There were parts of teaching I loved, but Sundays were not one of them! xx


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