Staycation at home day….come dine with me!

We seem to be working on the day out, day at home model of staycation. Today has been peaceful, lazy with plenty of stove side pottering. I made seven and a half more pots of crab apple jelly and used some tonight as the sweet in sweet and sour pork.
It still tasted appley and really added to the recipe.
I’m also planning to make a quilt. My first every. I’ve saved enough material over the months of visiting the scrap store and now I have the task of lots of sums to work out how much I need for a quilt to cover my bed. This would be a lot easier if I had a pattern to work to, which I haven’t so if anyone wants to send me any pictures of squares based patterns, then I would be glad of an idea of where to start.
I’ve watched the old bird on You Tube who makes a ‘quilt in a day’. Bless her old socks, she sounds like she’s on a double Prozac triple espresso! If quilting makes me half that happy; I’ll never need to go to the doctors ever again! It’s giving me no end of fun watching her and I’ve been good, I’ve checked all my angles and I’m perfectly square.
All in all, another great day on holiday. I can totally recommend a holiday in Liskeard, in a lovely house with plenty of tea and biscuits and a garden to sit in between the showers. Free fun and freeish food and not a minute at work!


7 thoughts on “Staycation at home day….come dine with me!

  1. Warning! Quilting is addictive, my name is Sue and I'm a quilterholic! I follow a few quilting blogs, nest time you're at my blog scroll down and click on a couple, you might find something there for inspiration. Also watch out for fabric cravings and drooling in fabric shops, ALWAYS take a tissue!


  2. If you browse my blog I have quilts on there . when I have squares I make them up into blocks of 16 , 4 across and 4 down and then make them up' quilt as you go'this is very easy . I label these as cottage quilts and I have taught this method to lots of first time patchwork / quilters .

    Keep in touch , I could send you a small sample


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