Honesty box tomato sauce and pasta.

If you live in a big town or city, you won’t be able to shop from honesty boxes as we can at this time of year. They are in hedgerows, at the end of garden paths and of course, at the side of farm gates. They are no cheaper than the supermarket but it means I can put the money into the hands of the grower. Yesterday in Fowey, in some one’s garden we saw tomatoes for sale at 50p a bag. I love tomatoes and eat them like sweets but we had enough left for lunch today.
I chopped one onion, chili and garlic clove (all out of my garden) cooked them in a spoonful of olive oil, then added the chopped tomatoes and cooked through. I picked out the skin as I’m fussy!
It made just enough for lunch. Whilst cooking I also cooked a small handful of spaghetti and stirred it through the sauce.
Simply served with a smidge of Parmesan. Honesty box tomato sauce and pasta.


2 thoughts on “Honesty box tomato sauce and pasta.

  1. On out side of the pond, we call them “Honor Boxes” — not to different from you. My friend has a small farm and her young daughters have always been told they can pick whatever they like and put it out in front for sale.

    It's been good experience for these little girls — and it's helped them to save up for things they want to buy.

    We shop the stands at our camp too. There are some houses that keep chickens so you can get fresh eggs too.

    Those tomatoes look good!


  2. How delicious it looks! Sure wish we could grow tomatoes here. They look red and done on the outside, but they're not quite ripe on the inside. Think it's the cooler nights. All the best! ~Liz


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