Crab Apple Jelly

Jam making, jelly making or any sort of preserving requires sugar, which can be expensive so buy it when it’s on offer. Lidl sell 1 kilo bags of granulated sugar for about 75p at the moment and most hedgerow jams or jellies don’t need pectin as they are high in it anyway. Also collect jam jars. I got a box of 50 old jam jars from freecycle after asking for them; the lady was glad they were going to good use. When you use them, you need to boil them for the whole time you make the jam or jelly to firstly get the label off and secondly to sterilise.
You pour the apple juice into the saucepan and for every pint you add a pound of sugar. Boil rapidly, stirring all the time for about 15 minutes. Test by spooning some onto a cold plate, if it sets then you are ready to pour into jar.
Although the apple jelly starts off as cloudy is clears in the boiling process. Today I only made a jar and a half but I have found it is so high in pectin, that I will keep the future pulp, freeze it in small batches and defrost and reconstitute when I want to make any other sort of jam as I will have a ready source of pectin. Apple jelly is brilliant with roast pork or a gammon joint. I shall make more tomorrow and start to fill my preserves cupboard.


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