Staycation with Dearly Beloved

It’s misty murky day; neither hot nor cold, we’ve no money and I couldn’t be happier. Dearly Beloved now has a week off and we’re going to make the most of that we value the most, time and each other. We packed the dogs into the car and headed for Cardinham Woods and the steep 4K inclines of the Callywith Wood Walk. It’s just enough to get the lungs and calves working and some of the views are as breath taking as the steep paths.
There is something Tolkeinesque about forests which make me think of Hobbits and elves. I find it an incredibly romantic and beautiful place.
It’s also lovely to have the time to tease funnel web spiders out of their hidey holes. If you gently tickle the web with a blade of grass; the vibrations are similar to that of a trapped insect and the spider, with it yellowy brown face and long tendril like front legs will come out for a nose, only to be disappointed and reverse back into the safety of his lair. It was a game I played for hours as a child, we even used to trap flies to feed them to the spiders, the bigger and the deeper the funnel, then the bigger the spider. They still bring out the little girl in me when I see them now.
The paths through Cardinham are wide and easy to walk, a few puffing cyclists (as Patsy would say “buttocks like two boiled eggs in a handkerchief”) make it look easy. But we took it as an hour long hand in hand gentle stroll, chatting as we went.
The woods are loved by local families and are a great activity for people on holiday, come rain or shine the BBQ area, with free to use BBQs are well frequented, with parents on benches and children playing in the grass of the gently burbling river.
If you have children, or are just in need of somewhere away from commercialism and full of peace, then this is the place to go. It’s still drizzling now and I’m still stuffed after homemade carbonara for lunch. Today’s adventures are not over yet and Friday is the day of the local car boot sale and as it’s pay day, who know what we might find.


9 thoughts on “Staycation with Dearly Beloved

  1. Hi, just found your blog through Bella's country, it's good to find another Cornish blogger with the same interests. I used to live in Liskeard but live on Bodmin moor now. Great photos Cardinham woods is a lovely place to walk through.
    Yvonne x


  2. I've said it time and again, and I'm sure this won't be the last one, it's a beautiful land you live in. The change of landscapes over very short distances really captured me in our holiday. It is a place I would visit again and again.

    We came in over Bodmin Moor and stopped to admire some of the wild horses there!

    Despite the modernity of many places there were many times I expected to turn round and see Clym and Eustacia arguing somewhere!


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