Car boot, closing down sale and ebay

We don’t often go on a shopping spree, but we did today. The posh frocks and handbag shop is closing down, so we bought the posh essential oils for £1 each………….a blog will follow with what I will do with them.

The car boot sale didn’t have anything I wanted to buy today but people were selling surplus from their gardens, I bought the veg for 50p a bunch and the cucumbers for 20p each, so £1.90 for our veg for the weekend.

The bargain of the year was my purchase for Dearly Beloved and he’s always wanted one. I’ve been watching a trailer on ebay, I sat and waited at the end of the auction, no one bid and I put in my bid and bought this trailer for the unbelievable price of £50.01

It used to be a trailer tent, but now it’s just a trailer and will be brilliant for our camping trips, when we’ve paid off our debts and can go again……….probably this time next year at the rate we’re going. Talking of debts, today I paid off the last of Dearly Beloved’s HSBC card of the balance of £609.14 and another £500 off our Virgin card, which we have at 0% and another £225 off Barclaycard which we also have at 0%! It may be extreme debt repayment and a massive overpayment each month, but the debts are just melting away.

The trailer is in good order, the electrics work and all it needs is a number plate and we can go off camping for a few days.

At £50, it has to be the best bargain I’ve ever bought!


12 thoughts on “Car boot, closing down sale and ebay

  1. Wowee! Trailer envy – gosh you'll be able to holiday and carry away swag in style now (and I expect you'd get a lot more for the trailer if you decided to upgrade and get rid of it too!).

    I always feel a bit vulture-like at closing-down sales but its the only way to get the luxe goodies sometimes :S

    The veggies look fab – and tremendously well done on the paying off schedule – I hoped to be done this summer but we've had to shell out for a new cellar pump and a few other unexpecties – still – will hopefully get everything settled by year-end.

    Then – the mortgage mountain 🙂

    Have a lovely week.


  2. Ohhhh!!! That is fantastic! I have done 3 trips to the tip today, all the time thinking I should just hire a skip…but nope, me and the boys managed it and there we go…but if I had your trailer??? Well…one trip and Fanny's your aunt as they say!

    Hey….!! By the rate you're going, you'll be debt free and RICH!!! Don't forget us on here when you are will you Queeie?! xxx


  3. Just caught up with your last few posts.

    I have found your blog interesting and inspiring for some time now, but having read your story in Walk a Mile in My Shoes I am even more impressed by what you are doing and what you have already achieved.

    And I do think these things have a way of spreading, being passed on. It's not wrong to try to live within our means and not succumb to all the modern 'necessities' of life. To make do and actually, just make, instead of always buying ready made. But sometimes we need to see someone else leading the way before we can say That's what I want to do, too.

    You are inspiring, and I hope you now realise that the majority of us that are following your story are behind you.


  4. Good for you paying your debt off! Living debt free is a much less stressful way to live!

    Your trailer is cute :O), we have a small trailer we use on our farm. Its small but we could not get by without it!

    Nice buy on your essential oils!


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