End of the month frugal recipe.

When we are ‘flush’ we take ourselves for a day out in Totnes and go to one our favourite shops that sells ethical/vegan/vegetarian food. We shop in: Greenlife, Riverford Organics and we eat in the best restaurant in the world, that also happens to be a vegetarian restaurant called Willow; lunch is about £6 and we manage to get there once a year as a special treat. When we go to Greenlife, we buy Dolmades and a whole selection of tofu and veggie burgers, most of which I can copy and make at home. I don’t buy vine leaves as they are expensive but make a pretty good version on the theme of Dolmades myself. Here is what I do. Take a selection of veg; I used parsnip, carrot, onion and courgette and grated them finely with the food processor. I then slowly steamed/fried them in the wok. I added some lemon zest and corriander.
Whilst that was cooking, I took the outer leaves of a cabbage and cooked them for about three minutes, so they were only just cooked. I drained them and left them to cool.
When the veggies were cooked through, I added a packet of savoury rice,that I had already cooked. It already has spices and herbs added to it and at 24p from Asda, can make anything a bit more interesting. You can add any flavours you like. I have a pack of Asda cous cous flavouring that is lemon and coriander based and gives it that ‘Greek’ theme.
I then spread the cooled cooked cabbage onto a board.
Filled it with the rice and rolled it into little parcels. I then added some 34p Asda tomato sauce (the stuff you use for pasta) into the bottom of the dish.
I placed the stuffed cabbage onto the sauce, the parcels on top and covered with the rest of the sauce. I covered the whole dish with foil and baked for about half an hour in a hot oven.
We had it with a tomato salad and Dearly Beloved likes grated cheese on his, but I don’t. We eat some very interesting food at the end of the month! but even though this is a left over veg concoction it is one of our favourite things to eat.


4 thoughts on “End of the month frugal recipe.

  1. I used to make a similar dish, I think I saw it Rustie Lee make it on TV, it was cooked mince & raw rice seasoned & wrapped in cabbage leaves, pour over a tin of tomatoes plus a tin of water. I must experiment, try to make it again.


  2. Hi, just wandered over from “Down to earth” and have to say that this recipe looks wonderful!

    Now if I can jsut get my OH to eat more rice (aparantly it's boring!) I might try it……does it freeze at all do you know? (That way I could make it and eat it myself!


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