Free gifts.

I must admit, I find Christmas difficult! It is what it says it is to me………..a Mass for Christ, a celebration of the founder of my faith. So; I find the financial side of it difficult for different reasons. I can’t afford it and I wouldn’t want to if I could. I suppose I’m answering Foster Mummy’s question “What do you do about Christmas and Birthdays”. Well, of course, I give frugal presents. This year is going to be different. I’m going to make every present I give. Yesterday I had fun making bunting and that’s now wrapped for Dad’s present; he has a sense of humour, lives in Fowey and will love putting bunting in his garden in regatta week! Today, I will make something for my mum, who has a birthday at the end of August and then I will think of something I can make for her to open at Christmas.

Most of my family and friends would be happy to receive a pot of jam, some homemade chutney or a hand knitted scarf. So, this year my usual budget of £100 will be decimated and you might be receiving something unusual. Oh, BTW………..I saw some gifts, wrapped in colourful pages from old magazines and as Dearly Beloved brings me magazines that he finds on the train, even the wrapping paper will be free, also I will try using garden twine (usually a deep winter green) and I will use some scrap store off cuts to make ribbons and decorations. Now for my challenge!!! Christmas without spending any money… gift down and around 10 more to makes! Anyone care to join me in my challenge – what can you make for free?


11 thoughts on “Free gifts.

  1. I am with you on this, with my car costing $2,500 in repairs it will be a frugal Christmas for us to. Lots of making, and thrifting stuff at CS shops. I have enough unfinished craft items in my cupboards to give as presents, I personally love homemade or recycled presents, it doesn't have to be new to make me happy.


  2. all gifts except for my children will be home made, ( wel the kids will get some knitted bits) but their budgets are drastically reduced, as has been birthday gifts, I pick up bits i find in charity shops, etc too. My brother will be getting a home made food hamper, he loves xmas cake and pudding, so will be making these for him as they are so much better than shop bought, I will be getting started on the xmas cake in August so it can mature nicely with some brandy yum yum. I will also be makign him truffles etc .

    We have a rule taht one a child reaches 16 they nonlonger recieve xmas /birthday gifts excpet for big ones, it is my nieces 18th so will have to be inventive for that, but it will be cards from now on for her, so i onlyhave my great niece to buy for, and my own children and my brother that is it.

    I tend to spend so much on prepackaged sweets etc at xmas, but this year I want to focus on good meals and not so much junk.

    SO I am in to try to make as much as possible and keep xmas to a minimum, I have set a budget this year and have a christmas/birthday fund, so thats is the only money I can use anythign left at the end of the year will be transfered to a holiday fund for our trips out.


  3. I'll happily join in this one as I think the amount people spend on Christmas is appalling and the trash they buy even worse. Most of it gets wasted anyway!


  4. We are pretty frugal with our presents too – often picking up bargains 2nd hand to go to someone we know will love them.
    I also make a fair few presents – either food items chutneys, cordials, alcoholic drinks for the adults, sweets, biscuits and then there is the crafting of knitted, felted, sewing or weaving items that are in the planning.

    If you get the right thing for the right person, handmade gifts are so welcomed, and such a juy to create too.

    Great idea with the magazines for wrapping. We have for years used offcuts of fabrics from projects or from the fabric shop oddments bin for pennies – wrapped and tied with ribbons, re-used year after year for birthdays and Christmas. The gifts always look so lovely all bundled together


  5. A few years ago saw my situation change quite rapidly, overnight! My parents are wonderful folk and and VERY generous, but when it came to Christmas presents that year for my then 1 and 2 years olds (now 7 and 8!) I bought lots of 2nd hand toys from the school fairs…huge bargain toys for only pennies…far FAR cheaper than even the best charity shops.
    I have been known since to give homemade presents and find they are the most well received by everyone…my neice enjoyed her homemade kit to make a 'Dream Catcher' last year, with googled free printable instructions…this year I think I am going to get her some old (car booted) bead necklaces and bits and bobs for her to make her own jewellery! Oh look at me taking up all this space!!! Any mention of Christmas and I am a sucker for it! Love C. xxx


  6. Lala is with Tralala …. I freecycled for some lavender and so far have four lots to harvest locally … should have enough lavender to make hundreds! I have a huge bay tree in the garden and last year made scented pomanders from dried orange slices & bay leaves … you should be able to see them on my fireplace in this post ……..

    Got the oranges at the market, string from the kitchen, ribbon from my stash and hey ho some nice cheap decs. Saw the same things at the Country Living Fair for megabucks.


  7. I love making homemade presents, I've been doing it for a couple of years now and I always feel like I've put so much more effort into each gift than just buying any old thing from the shops.
    And so far….no complaints 😀


  8. Oh yes, I'm in on this one. I think the whole spirit of Christmas has been lost and all of it down to consumerism and greed by the big companies to make money. I have no idea what I'm going to make so I had better get my thinking cap


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