Free gifts part 2!

I am having such fun! Remember my scrapstore haul from yesterday? The material at the bottom of the photo is now bunting, the material to the left of the ‘tartan’ is silky dress material, it was samples and I had about five sample pieces. Well the photo below is what they became!
I love that French looks of wrapped and knotted and I wear scarves to work with a blouse and it can make a plain suit look colourful and yet remains formal and smart. My mum also loves scarves and accessories and she can make any outfit look so feminine with a slight adjustment! I think the scarf looks quite ‘Hermes’ and I’m sure she’ll love it.
The scarf above is pure freeganism, I found it in the road. All wet and dirty, so I took it home, washed it and put it on the line. I’m also going to wrap that and give it to mum, she’ll love the story of it being found in the road.
Here are the scarves again. I sewed the squares together, then cut them in half length ways and repeated the ‘pattern’ again. Turned it inside out and then turned in the ends and sewed it again. I’ll wash it, dry and iron it and wrap it later. That’s two presents so far that haven’t cost me anything.


12 thoughts on “Free gifts part 2!

  1. I'm going to try making corsages – theres a lot of tutorials out there that just use scraps and buttons and you could always sew a safety pin on instead of using brooch backs. I have a lovely flower which is made out of some chiffony material with raw edges – the more frayed the better it looks – I thought you could attach them to flipflops or simple bags and so on.
    I'm going to root out my charity shop doily box (cannot resist them) ans see if I can use them too ….

    I love your scarves 🙂


  2. Last year, most people had a small pressie and a pot of homemade jam as well. A couple of people who warranted a bigger pressie got a hamper of jams. Can't do that again this year so have to get my thinking cap on. I tend to collect things all year round for Christmas and birthdays when I see a real bargain that I know would be loved by someone on my list.


  3. Thanks for the tips on my blog and support! I hope you enjoy making all your Christmas gifts this year, your certainly off to a beautiful start the scarves are beautiful and I love the ideas you have for gift wrap etc. I did this with some success last year making up mini hampers of shortbread, cheese biscuits, cheese and chutney as well as jam, they were received very well. I also made my son and niece their own stockings.


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