Scrapstore goodies

I’ve had an amazing day! The dogs and I went out for a walk, I had time to go to the station with Dearly Beloved and I was in the supermarket by eight am! I love to beat the crowds. I did my week’s shopping for just over £17. I got the bargain of the year; 12 pork steaks for £3 from the freezer section. I’ve defrosted two and will have stir fry for supper. My main reason for going is that I didn’t have any baking ingredients and I wanted to try out the Kenwood chef. The dough hook kneeds the bread until it is so light, I also made a cake for Dearly Beloved but as I have the breaking strain of a Kit Kat…….I had a piece! Whilst the bread was rising, I went off to the Scrap store at the community centre. It was good to see everyone and wish them a happy summer break as they close for August.
I brought back an array of scrap fabric, some of which is waterproof, it might even be sail material. I also cut some other waterproof material into strips, to form a sort of outdoors bias binding.
I downloaded a template from here and then found an old plastic folder to make a durable template.
I then got out my forty year old sewing machine, bought for me by mum and she cannily bought it second hand for me……..but I love it!
I then made some bunting. It’s not for me; I’m not decided who it’s for yet but someone will get it as a birthday or Christmas present.
It’s 100% waterproof, 100% recycled and 100% FREE!!

Now I must wizz downstairs and clean up and do my best impersonation of a Stepford wife and get Dearly Beloved’s supper ready for him when he gets home………..he only had a housewife for 12 weeks a year! The rest of the time, it’s self service!


5 thoughts on “Scrapstore goodies

  1. Well, we must be on the same wavelength! I used to volunteer at our Scrapstore and was piad in “scrap”. We had large amounts of the same material, which I was told, was left over from (hot air) balloon manufacture.
    I also used mine to make bunting, as I often had a fund raising stall for dog rescue. Alas, due to council cut backs, our Scrapstore is due to close.


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