Amazing Car booty find!

I love car boot sales! I went to the car boot sale in Looe this morning, in the murk and the gloom and found, under the table, in what looked like a house clearance this beauty! I intrepidly asked “How much?” and nearly ran around screaming in delight when the stall holder asked for £10! I was away with it tucked under my arm so quickly I almost ran all the way back to Liskeard. It’s so solid and well made, although I might have a new power cable fitted; it’s fantastic and I’ve always wanted one. Not only are car boot sales a brilliant place to buy useful items but to sell them too. I’m so delighted that FOSTER MUMMY had a successful sale herself today but earned enough to pay for something important and got a real buzz out of doing it! Why not follow her blog and support her on her journey to a debt free life, I know the support I have had has spurred me on the low days and boosted my confidence when it’s been tough! We all have to start somewhere and my first step was to give up credit cards and foster mummy has made that decision too. I’m off to make some cakes and enjoy my ‘new’ Kenwood!!!


10 thoughts on “Amazing Car booty find!

  1. What an amazing find! I so miss good boot sales – maybe I'll get to one or two while I'm down in Wales. 😉

    Thank you for your lovely comments – I know the girls need time with their Dad and do my best to make sure they get it, even when at times it seems neither they nor he are wanting to make the effort. You are brave taking your ex with you on holiday with you all, my wee one did ask me why I couldn't go with them too. I told her this was their time with Daddy 😉


  2. You are so lucky. I have been making some cakes and said to my husband that I would really like one of those but we would probably retired before we could afford one.
    Car boot sales – or vide greniers here in France are pretty useless, mainly just junk.
    Love your blog, discovered it yesterday and you have really made me think about things – need to start seriously cutting back – not in debt but son going to university and not sure how we are going to be able to afford it.


  3. Love your Kenwood. My mum has the same model in white and for the last 20 years I have been trying to entice it out of her (it has been in storage in the garage for most of that time). It finally made the long journey to France only for me to discover that she had not tucked the attachments in with it – so it is still in storage now – just in the barn in France rather than the UK.


  4. We just had one of these given! It isn't as spiffy yellow as yours though, just white.

    My gran was going to throw it out, she bought it, turned it on once and it dripped oil into her cake mix. It sat in a cupboard for nigh on twenty years after that.

    I took one look and said we'll have it, a quick look at it back at home confirmed my suspicion that there was nothing more wrong with it than too much lubricant when it was but together. A bit of a dismantle and clean up and it is fine and dandy and waiting for it's first use.

    It still has that new scalextric smell when the motor runs up!

    Great find!


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