5 jobs and counting!

I’m really proud of the fact that I have 5 jobs !!! (my freddin‘ tax bill is bigger than most people’s wages!) 1. Head of English in a Secondary School 2. One to one tutor for literacy. 3 Landlady of Roger the Lodger. 4 Exam marker for AQA exam board and 5. Home boarding for dogs.

Making himself at home on my lap is Scamp the westie! He’s settled in immediately and he really wouldn’t suit kennels as he loves company, I love dogs and I get paid! Everyone is a winner. Below is his friend, Hollie the Golden Retriever, also totally unstressed, relaxed and at home. Last year, I cleaned six caravans every Saturday and although it was fun, it was badly paid so this year, my life carries on as normal, with a few doggies in my house and I get paid. It’s not much, but it will pay for the paint and bits and pieces I need to carry out some house maintenance this summer. No one should moan ever if they have a job in the current job climate and I consider myself really lucky that I’ve been able to increase my income this year and slay a few debts. 5 jobs and counting my blessings.


5 thoughts on “5 jobs and counting!

  1. The dogs are lovely! It's a good job your own dogs are so accepting. My lovely dog Molly who died when she was 17 was a rescue dog and had been badly treated. After much love and nurturing she was great with people and fine with dogs when out for a walk but would not tolerate them on her own territory. We already had rescue cats when she arrived so she got used to them but dogs were a no no!


  2. Congratulations! It is always wonderful to have multiple sources of income!

    I have a small computer repair business, I am Title Editor for a website, I do freelance writing for several websites plus earn extra money blogging.

    I am so glad you are doing well!


  3. Glad to see that the dog boarding is working out. I may be calling on you to help me out with Fred next year, when I have to attend a wedding in Luton. I hate the thought of him going into kennels. x


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