Five weeks holiday without a penny to spend!

I have five weeks off work and NO money! I have my usual budget for food and fuel but nothing else. Most of the time, Dearly Beloved will be at work so I’ll amuse myself. BUT, I’m really blessed to live where I do. The above photo is Respryn Bridge, by the River Fowey and a few minutes drive to my house. I park by the free car park, almost daily and walk with my dogs. It’s medative for me, a time and place to reflect and just be……………it’s somewhere that I feel good to be alive. Cost = £0.
Above is one of the rocky outcrops on Bodmin Moor and again only a few miles from my home. This is where I do to take photos, to walk with a flask and a packet of sandwiches, find somewhere sheltered and out of the wind and settle down with a book. I can easily lose four hours reading and of course the book will have come from the library. I’m often distracted as I love birds…………..lizards…………frogs and any other living thing that might saunter past. It’s too long a walk for the dogs and often I’ll meet up with a friend and go with them. Cost = £0.

Above is Tinside Lido in Plymouth and it does cost, but I’ll budget for it and pay for it out of my fuel money or my food budget. Lying on a sunbed, next to a beautiful pool, with the buzz of the Plymouth Sound in the background makes me feel like I’m on holiday. The best time to go is late afternoon, as it’s cheaper and I can sometimes get Dearly Beloved to finish work early and meet me there and I save him a sunbed. It’s heavenly! If you have children is a great place as you pay to go all day or £3.65 for three o clock in the afternoon until it closes.
Weekends are a busy, almost free and fun time for us. The Camel Trail is in Bodmin and runs to Wadebridge and then onto Padstow. We usually go very early, cycle to Wadebridge, sit have a coffee from the flask, rest a while and then cycle on. We usually stay in Padstow for a while, eat our picnic, drink the rest of the coffee and then cycle back. The parking at Dunmere in Bodmin is a few quid for the day and again, I’ll find the money from my food budget as I can make anything last longer.

I truly believe, if you live where I do, that you can holiday without any money! There are plenty of ways to have a day out and for it to cost nothing more than your usual spend. There are simple ideas to follow: always take a picnic, always take a drink and take no money with you so you won’t be tempted to buy an icecream or snack………….you’ll make do with what you have. Join me this summer, whilst I spend no money (as I haven’t got any!!) and enjoy every minute of my five week’s holiday.


9 thoughts on “Five weeks holiday without a penny to spend!

  1. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing your photographs of where you get to.

    We have access to a beach, its a short car ride away, to far to walk unfortunately we can take a picnic and a flask with us, or we can walk round the estate we live on, there is a lake we need to find, we can walk round the garden centre and look at the plants, no money cannot buy anything.

    We have membership of the NTS given as a gift and there are several places we can go to close by, again a picnic lunch and a flask we can sit and admire someone elses garden, then of course we have our own garden, we can sit under the gazebo in the sun and read, a nice long drink of elderflower cordial diluted with water and poured over ice…..the scents from the flowers filling the air, lovely…….


  2. I am the same as you 6 weeks with little money to entertain the kiddos, abotu £20 a week, our trip to york is mainly through tesco vouchers so will be very little spent, I wish I lived where you did, but I am hotly researching free things to do over the summer, lots of park trips etc I think


  3. Sounds like bliss!
    We have been taking advantage of our National Trust membership (£59 for 2 people for a year) this week, so it has only cost us tea and cake money, which we budgeted for before our holiday. We have done so much in the fortnight we have been off, I think we shall return to work to relax, LOL!


  4. I always say people with imagination can enjoy themselves without spending money. We walk our dogs for hours and couldn't be happier. It sounds as if you are having great fun. I look forward to sharing your days out with you. Jane xx


  5. Lovely! I think if it costs too much money we rush around trying to get our moneys worth, where if it's free, we stop, breath and look about us, taking in how lucky we are. A much calmer and more relaxed day out is far better for my little family. x


  6. have a wonderful holiday!
    because we have our camper we can take off for the day with a picnic and just park up.
    we go within the limits of my weeklt fuel budget an stay close to home.
    we walk flynt, laze about and read or just gaze at our surroundings.


  7. When my son was young, we would enjoy the long school holidays doing all sorts of acitivities, one favourite was “fishing” in a local lake and of course feeding the ducks. An aquaintance once moaned “But what do you do all through the holidays?”, I guess you have to have some imagination and sense of adventure.


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