Almost free food!

My Aldi bag beans are doing well, as are my butternut squash which are growing in the 99p grow bags. It’s my first attempt and I’ve no idea if they will make it.
The squash are covering the garden and have escaped next door!
We’re eating courgettes almost every day. 8 seeds and plenty of veg. I have a simple supper of steamed veg and steamed potatoes, which I will dip in mayonaise; I love almost free food xx


8 thoughts on “Almost free food!

  1. Beetroot also goes well in chocolate cake to give a sin food that has a lot of goodness in it as well. Beetroot is an amazingly good food.

    I would say from experience you are probably going to lose quite a few of the fruit in the picture of the squash. All the gourds are particularly greedy and the fruit don't set particularly well if they are not fed. Those earl ones look a little yellow to me.

    Also like most of us, new skills have to be learned. Putting out fruit is something that has to be learned just as hens have to learn how to lay eggs, so a lot of the early efforts fall off.

    I, to date, have managed one pumpkin, and it was a tiny little effort really. They have been blighted by all sorts of problems from slugs to powdery mildew.

    This year they are pretty much in a pile of well rotted horse poo and they will give me a pumpkin each dammit!

    I wish you every success as I intend to try butternuts in the next few years and may need some pointers!


  2. What happened to yesterday's post with the necklace? It was there in my bloglist but not there when I clicked on it…?

    Your veg are further on than ours. 200 miles south makes a big difference!


  3. I know this is probably me just being thick – it is the end of term after all 🙂 but I wanted to pm you and I just can't see how to contact you. Please tell me where the contact link is before I go completely round the bend. Thank you!


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