Friday night luxury food

Courgette fritters in a tempura batter, quickly deep fried and served with sweet chilli dipping sauce. Then take the left over sweet chilli sauce and have it with oven baked sweet potato chips and grilled chicken, sprinkled with five spice. The chicken was expensive at 83p per piece, but the sweet potatoes (bag of Asda Smart price for 89p) at 15p each and half a bag of reduced salad (9p for the bag) so my luxury supper was £1.09 and the bottle of wine was an end of term gift.
It beats a ‘chicken and chips’ takeaway hands down! and simply delicious! I’m also celebrating the 50,000 + visitors to my blog in the six months I’ve been working at it! Thank you all so much for reading about my penny pinching tight fisted little world – thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read xxxxxxxxxx


4 thoughts on “Friday night luxury food

  1. We have homemade vegan pizzas on a Friday night as our version of a Friday night take away! We are so used to making everything from scratch that everything else tastes inferior. I'm lucky that my other half has a veggie/vegan cafe and is a great chef but I love to cook and do all the cooking at home. Making it yourself is infinitely better! Some of the rubbish you see people eating and feeding their children is unbelievable and I'm by no means a healthfood freak and love my grub – it's quite shocking!


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