Batten down the hatches!

It’s like winter here, it’s blowing a hurricane, monsoon rain and really cold. I put the heating on for an hour of so to dry the house out. I’ve pulled up some more carrots and I’m picking two or three courgettes a day and my butternut squash plants are laden.
As it’s so cold, we’ve had a cheapy winter warmer supper. One bag of Quorn mince, mixed with a jar of Asda cheapie casserole sauce (only 68 calories for half a jar with no fat – 1 point) and a couple of small cooked and mashed sweet potatoes on top and then baked in the mini oven. 5 points for half a casserole dish.
It’s a terrible photo, but my beans have had a bashing, so I’ve moved them close to the house, and I’ve re-tied up all the tomatoes and closed the little green house. It’s a terrible night and I’m glad to be off to be tucked in with a hot husband and a good book!


5 thoughts on “Batten down the hatches!

  1. If it's any consolation Leeds hasn't been much different.
    But we need the rain as much as the sun remember. Those courgettes like a lot of water.

    Have you tried the flowers, shallow fried in a light batter? If you have a surfeit of male flowers then pick the few you don't need, leave a few for the bumblies. Then coat them lightly in a tempura type batter and shallow fry them for a few minutes. Alternatively chop them up and mix them in a batter for a nice courgette flower fritter.

    You can also do this with dandelion flowers and they taste quite nice but you have to make sure and remove all the green bits.

    It's best to pick the dandelion flowers as early day as possible and avoid areas with high traffic levels or regular dog walkers as you'll get nasty additives.

    Not necessarily the best thing for a diet but great for the free food points and a novel change.


  2. Here in London it has just been DRY we have had a couple of brief showers yesterday and the day before but the tumble weed stage is approaching fast. It has been the one good side to having a small garden. I have managed to keep it watered enough not to loose any plants, but send your rain down here, it would be most welcome.


  3. just up the road in Devon we had a rough couple days. Chickens are sulking as their pen is muddy.
    did harvest some spuds today though and found some meat in the freezer (desperately trying to run it down so it can be defrosted fully ready for winter0.


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