Should have gone to Specsavers

I’ve had my glasses so long, they don’t work any more! I went to specsavers today! The service was excellent! The glasses fantastic……………..if you wanted nice ones! If you wanted to save money then you might as well have got yourself a pair of ‘Diedre’s‘! I’ve bought varifocals so I don’t have to keep taking them on and off at work as I often need to read and then look up, which results in me feeling three sheets to the wind by looking into the distance through bottle bottoms when my distance vision is 20:20! So I’ve given in and bought some new ones! Β£150 for two pairs of varifocals! I will be able to see and I will be very trendy and I will be skint! Don’ t you just hate it when you have dodgy eyes and have to spend money on them!!!


12 thoughts on “Should have gone to Specsavers

  1. I got some lovely glasses from Specsavers, I've been going there for years. Not only are they fab but my Mum bought them for me and as my Mum has glaucoma 😦 and I'm now 40!! I didn't have to pay for my eye test, now that is a bargain!!
    Show us your specs then missus.
    Twiggy x


  2. I have bifocal contacts and progressive lense glasses – you're right they're quite spendy! I use an online site called “eyeglasses direct”. Their glasses are much less expensive but still good.


  3. I go to Specsavers for my varifocals, they are great. I also pay a bit more for extra thin lenses so I can have smaller frames. They like you to go back every two years, but I sometimes stretch it to three, naughty I know.


  4. Good luck with the Varifocals. I've been wearing them for a few years now and they are really easy to get used to, except…

    …do not look at your feet when you are walking downstairs. I found that I kept getting confused about where my feet were and it nearly went horribly wrong on several occasions.

    It's fine now…


  5. I've just got some varifocals for the first time recently and, now that I've got used to them, find them absolutely brilliant – I can see again!

    Not Specsavers 'though but our small, independent optician. Saved a 30 mile round trip and helps keep business local: it's not just food miles, I'm aware of, you know!

    I'm sure you are proud of me!!



  6. I have varifocals too and love them…. but agree with Cyberkim about feet and stairs πŸ™‚ I always have to look down for the top step and then I'm ok. When I first got them, I had problems turning my head quickly from side to side when crossing the road but I got used to that. And it is so wonderful just to have one pair of glasses and not to constantly be looking for where I put the other ones.


  7. i go to specsavers too!
    as swampys sister has glaucoma and i have diabetes we are both very lucky in that we dont have to pay for eye tests but we never go over the top with what we spend on glasses as for the last few years both had to get stronger ones each year. mine are black and red 'nerd' style πŸ™‚


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